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Denmark| Holga Dansk and Danish castle

A land of happy people
16th part

Holga Dansk sits in the basement
of a Danish castle

Tariq Mirza, Sydney

There were several ships anchored at the port of Helsingborg that carried passengers to Sweden, Norway, Finland and other parts of the region as the region is made up of numerous islands.
Passing by this port, we reached our destination today, in front of the magnificent historic castle of Crown burg. I was amazed to see the awesomeness, awe and dread of this fort. It is a magnificent, lofty and strong fortress.

Despite being centuries old, its splendor, durability and historical beauty enchant man. I kept looking at the sky, looking at the high and lofty walls, the majestic towers, the terrifying walls, the unique windows and the walls of the house in the water.
The idea took me back hundreds of years to the day when the Danish army was here armed with nails and no ships, no boats could pass through without its permission.

How much tension there was between Denmark and its neighbors at that time and how much the situation has changed now.
After fighting wars for so many centuries, they have learned that nothing is left in wars. Peace is everything.
The fort is surrounded on three sides by sea and on one side by land. Surrounding it are high mounds of mud, inside which are still peacocks. These mounds, the high walls of the fort and the roof are still paved.
From the roof of the fort there is a drain on the slope and there is a water passage around the fort. Nasr Malik said,
“These canals have been built for the purpose that if the enemy came close enough to reach the walls of the fort, acid would fall on them through these canals.”

No war was fought in that period. However, the fort was used less for defense and more for outgoing purposes. ۔
The small citadel of crown burg was built by the King of Denmark, the Air Force of Pomerania, in the 5th century. The exit was directed in another direction, with the aim of providing a stronghold to the Danish border guards who were forcibly taken from these ships.

The medieval castle was rebuilt by King Frederick II between 9 and 9 AD. The construction of its walls in the end turned it into a magnificent and fortified fortress in such a way that it is unparalleled in this era and even nowhere else. Due to this fortress the advances in the manufacture of military weapons went a long way in developing military technology in Europe and the artillery was invented.
Tombs were erected on three sides of the Crow Borg Fort, which are still standing there. Their wreckage was placed on the shoreline to target unpaid ships. But when did the time for this forced tax come?

In an article, Nasr Malik writes: “It is interesting to note that the stories of the conquests of Holger Danske, a mythical figure, became commonplace until the end of the twelfth century and the middle of the thirteenth century. Gone.
There was a belief among the people that there was an occult deity named Holga Dansk who suddenly appeared to suppress the forces rising up against the king of Denmark and the kingdom ‘Denmark’ and in the blink of an eye gave the country victory، Disappears۔

That is why Denmark can never be threatened. Because whenever a disaster strikes, Holga Dansk, who is lost in his own thoughts in the form of a statue in the basement of the Crown burg castle, will rise and put an end to all hostilities against Denmark. There are many stories in Danish literature about this role of Holga Dansk.
Hans Christian Andersen, a world-renowned author and poet who wrote fairy tales for children, created a very beautiful and interesting story which is considered a great creation in literature regarding Holga Dansk. In an ancient Danish folk song paying tribute to Holga Dansk’s supernatural army, Holga Dansk would wake up and help whenever Denmark needed it.

I was standing on the mound between the fort and the sea with Nasr Malik and Tahir Adeel. The sun wanted to set the sun for the day and to rise thousands of miles away in my hometown Australia. The view of the sunset from this hill was very beautiful. Beyond the blue waters of the ocean, the sun disappearing behind the Swedish settlements had turned the sky twilight.
This twilight was evident on the walls of the fort, its towers, the boats floating in the sea and even on the faces of my companions. Grass, flowers and plants bathed in twilight on this high mound. Every hundred twilight colors were scattered.

At that time there were only a few other people visiting this fort besides us. Since when have the groups of tourists coming from Copenhagen been sitting in the buses? Khunki was gradually increasing.

The surrounding flowers were blocking the scene, and the icy seas were forcing them to step up and return. Clouds did not want us to descend from this hill. Lost in thought in the majestic castle that has stood on the beach for centuries and in its basement, he said goodbye to Dansk and walked towards the car park.


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