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University of Health Science

Students of the University of Health Sciences protested against the worst results in the examination

Lahore (Educational Reporter + Health Reporter) Students of University of Health Science staged a protest against the worst results of the university examination, sloganeering continues against VCUHS. has been failed due to substandard checking.

The students of University of Health Science under the leadership of President Private Medical Students Union Pakistan Dr. Hasan Baloch protested against the worst results of the university’s supplementary examination.

Students say that VCUHS issued a statement that more children passed the annual exam, which is a concern, the next paper should be made difficult. For the first time in history, 50% students failed in the supplementary exam. Substandard. Biased and irregular checking was done. Neutral re-checking of supplementary examination papers should be done by a third party. Or the previous failed subjects should be given an opportunity along with the subjects of the next year.



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