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Brief History of Kashmir Dispute


Brief History of Kashmir Dispute

(Never published in media of India :Truth suppression)
March 1846: Britishers sold everyone of the state @Rs 7 per head like cattle to Dogra Gulab Singh & made him king & his next generations for 100 years. Muslims only were taxed heavily on marriage, wife, children, pets, cattle, servants, every utensil, choolha, chimney, window, cot,  every household, tool & income(85%)every month. Only 1% income remained, insufficient for very difficult life. If become a Hindu, be tax free but  none of 97% Muslim population of Kashmir Valley changed religion to become a  Hindu & suffered.
13 July 1931: Muslims agitated against oppression & repression & were fired indiscriminately by king’s Dogra army in Sringar throughout the day & thousands lost lives.
June 1947: India’s partition plan confirmed.
1st August 1947 onwards: 5 lakh armed goondas of RSS, Hindu Mahasabha & Akali Dal’s Sikhs entered Jammu region of state J & K from Punjab & massacred 8 lakh Muslims till November 1947 & expelled 5 lakh towards Pakistan. On 6th November 1947 alone, SIX LAKH Muslims were killed by them & Indian Army too, a WORLD RECORD killing IN A DAY in human history.
18 October 1947: Indian army in Kashmir entered Mansehra of Pakistan & killed many in villages.
22 October 1947: Pakistan sent 2000 armed Pashtoon Pathan Qabailees (tribals, irregular army) to save Kashmir Valley’s 97% Muslims before being killed like Jammu Muslims(61% reduced to 38% in 4 months). King fled from Srinagar & went to Jammu by car deriving himself in night’s darkness on 26 October 1947.
27 October 1947 at dawn: Indian army openly landed Srinagar airport by air & war started on Kashmir land. Pathans defeated Indian army & captured 60% land of state. Winter snowfall in December halted war.
1-1-1948: India went to UNO asking that to force Pakistan to call back Pathans & return captured half Kashmir to India. UNO refused to accept that, declared J & K state DISPUTED, asked both India & Pakistan to stop war & withdraw  their armies(non-locals) OUT of the state & let UNO conduct voting(PLEBISCITE) for local  PUBLIC only to decide whether Jammu & Kashmir state should be a part of India or Pakistan. Sensing that Muslims(overwhelming majority) will not vote in India’s favour, Nehru created hurdles in WITHDRAWING army out of state after ending war with Pakistan on 1-1-1949 & later refused to do that too. Voting of LOCAL PEOPLE to decide that was PREVENTED by Nehru by  MIXING & ATTACHING other non-Kashmir matters(dirty trick of Nehru for sabotaging). PEOPLE of Kashmir are demanding that voting to be done by UNO. They are getting bullets in response for demanding the right given by UNO on 5-1-1949, declared by UNSC as UNEQUIVICAL(irreplaceable) solution. And Govt. of India since 1949 till today says, “We DO CORRECT THINGS.” No, that is WRONG & against LAWS OF UNO, applicable in cases of DISPUTES between 2 or more nations. That is story. Read & tell to fellow Muslims & pray Allah for peace & early solution of problem as per PEOPLE’S WISHES as guaranteed by United Nations Security Council(UNSC) on 5-1-1949. That’s all. Pl. feel pain of the Qaum & pray Allah.

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