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Background of Kashmir Dispute


Background of Kashmir Dispute:
16-03-1846: British Govt.  sold every person of J & K @ Rs. seven per head like CATTLE & imposed Dogra Monarchy of 100 years.
13-07-1931: Rebels revolted in Srinagar. Despot(4th monarch) Hari Singh’s army fired indiscriminately on public killing thousands throughout the day.
25-07-1947: New Delhi: Viceroy Lord Mountbatten addressed to all 565 rulers of ‘PRINCELY RULED STATES’ to accede their states to India or Pakistan as per geographical contiguities & WISHES of PEOPLE before 14-08-1947 or get lost.
01-08-1947: Lakh’s of armed RSS, Hindu Mahasabha, Akali Sikh men & Patiala Sikh Infantry(Indian Army) hidden in civvies entered the state from East(Indian) Punjab (EXTERNAL AGGRESSION) & killed 8,00,000 Muslims of Jammu Region & pushed 5,00,000 to West(Pakistani) Punjab in next 4 months. Demography changed in Jammu(61% Muslims  became 38%) by massacre. Despot, his wife & his army too did. His next plan was: Repeating that in Kashmir Valley(97% Muslims). Till mid October 1947, about 2 lakh armed RSS workers reached Srinagar, Kashmir too.
14-08-1947: India Partitioned. Jubilation in entire state except Jammu & Kathua districts. People LIGHTED houses.
15-08-1947: India got freedom. TOTAL GENERAL  STRIKE & COMPLETE BLACK OUT in J & K. Roads wore deserted looks. Nehru waved heavily like an injured king cobra.
27-08-1947: Armed Revolt started from Neelabutt place of Bagh tehsil of Poonch district by firing shots from local Pathan rebels(68,000 ex soldiers of WW-2)  on all forces doing massacre of Muslims in Jammu Region under Sardar Abdul Qayoom Khan, ‘Mujahide Auwal’, firing the FIRST SHOT in retaliation of massacre.
August 1947: M. S. Golwalkar, Prem Nath Dogra & Kidar Nath Sahni of RSS visited Srinagar, met Hari Singh & successfully persuaded him for accession of 82% Muslim state(J & K ) to India only disregards to PEOPLE’S(democratic) wishes, sent by Sardar Patel by air.
01-09-1947: India’s Posts & Telegraph(P & T) Department issued a memorandum of signatures of all directors of all states, SHOWING all cities of J & K  ALREADY WITHIN INDIA(seven weeks before Tribal invasion on 22-10-1947). How come ? Pre-planned conspiracy of  accession to India ? Otherwise what ??
15-09-1947: India’s Patiala Sikh Infantry entered Kashmir Valley hidden in civvies. Again sent on 15-10-1947 & 17-10-1947(India Office Library London & Partition Papers, London), all before Pathan Tribal invasion on 22-10-1947. What were those things ?
18-10-1947: India’s Patiala Sikh Army entered in villages of Mansehra(in NWFP) of Pakistan & burnt some of them.
22-10-1947: 2000 armed Afridi, Waziri, Mas-oodi & Helmand Tribal Pathans of NWFP(KPK) of Pakistan in 300 lorries entered in Kashmir Valley by Rawalpindi-Srinagar Highway & captured up to Baramulla city(from Muzaffarabad to that 114 km belt) within 2 days(local Muslim army of king defected & guided them), blew up power station at Mahora & some reached at Shelateng, knocking at the door Srinagar City. Drop scene of Maharaja’s anti-people war was near.
26-10-1947: Despot Hari Singh fled from Srinagar in night’s darkness with family driving his own car towards Jammu city by road, reaching in the next evening.
27-10-1947: Indian troops(again Patiala Sikh Infantry) in large number started landing Srinagar Airport, at dawn, in Dakota planes & moved towards Baramulla where fierce fights were on as local Sikhs & India’s earlier sent Patiala Sikhs Infantry’s soldiers were ransacking city & raping local Muslim women & those caught were being killed & their heads were being hanged at the doors of houses by Tribal Pathans who reached & captured even Guraiz, Drass & Kargil till December end when snowfall ended war for 4 months. India  lost >half J & K land.  Tribal Pathans shot down many planes of IAF by rifles.
01-01-1948: India went to United Nations Security Council(UNSC)  asking that to  pressurize Pakistan to hand over half J & K of India captured by irregular Tribal Pathan army to India’s hands. India’s complaint said that entire J & K was completely peaceful & communally harmonious & PEOPLE LOVED KING HARI SINGH & he acceded his state J & K to India in the morning of  26-10-1947(he was driving car, on the road having no connection with anyone) & only on 22-10-1947, Pakistan sent tribal Pathan army, did  EXTERNAL AGGRESSION on PEACEFUL J & K state & because of that on king’s request India sent troops to save state from Pakistan’s violence & after bringing back peace entire Indian army will return(never returned) to Indian Union & public will decide state’s accession by FREE VOTING in a PLEBISCITE as democratic right.
15,16 & 17-01-1948: Pakistan’s Sir Zafarullah Khan in his 40 hour long speech DEMOLISHED ALL CHARGES & CLAIMS OF INDIA, highlighting India’s hands in J & K state before 22-10-1947 days by quoting press reports of India, Britain; log books entries at airports, arms depots & dug out >30 CONTRADICTIONS in India’s draft of complaint to UNSC. J & K case was compared with Junagarh’s proving India’s case on J & K extremely weak.
20-1-1948: UNSC appointed a 5 member commission on fact finding mission to visit Kashmir state, assess situation & give correct reports. All crimes in J & K were exposed to UNSC.
21-04-1948: UNSC passed resolution declaring: Jammu and Kashmir state as a ‘DISPUTED TERRITORY’ and PEOPLE of J & K only being OWNER of state, FIRST & TOP party & they only have to decide themselves accession of J & K  to either India or Pakistan by FREE & IMPARTIAL PLEBISCITE under UNSC auspices. India & Pakistan were declared OUTSIDER INTRUDERS having NO RIGHT on the state BEFORE PLEBISCITE exercise in categorical terms.
13-08-1948: UNSC passed a resolution for ending war, withdrawal of all EXTERNAL armies & civilians. J & K’s PEOPLE only will decide their fate under UNSC authorities ONLY. War continued &
August to 31 December 1948:  India was losing 65% land of J & K but secret British army helped & India recaptured Baramulla(4 th time), Guraiz, Rajauri, Mendhar, Poonch city, Drass, Zoji La & Kargil district(gained by 20% more land).  Pakistanis planned sudden attack on Jammu city from R.S. Pura for  capturing that on 02-01-1949 & cutting Jammu-Srinagar Road but…
01-01-1949: UNSC ordered immediate CEASE FIRE & maintaining status quo.
05-01-1949: UNSC passed PLEBISCITE  RESOLUTION as PEOPLE’S basic RIGHT OF SELF DETERMINATION(RSD) as the UNEQUIVOCAL solution of J & K problem, rejecting all other unclear & less accurate result based bogus & patch up type solutions suggested by Nehru in UNSC meetings. Detailed procedures of ensuring FREEDOM & IMPARTIALITY of PLEBISCITE by removing presence of ALL EXTERNAL SOLDIERS OF BOTH NATIONS & CIVILIANS TOO of their other states was passed so that none can do any RIGGING in plebiscite exercise as Nehru planned from the beginning itself. Multinational UN Army had to come & be deployed for that & UNSC officers would conduct PLEBISCITE. The Plebiscite Administrator was nominated.
11-01-1949: Only 6 days after passage of plebiscite resolution, Nehru wrote a secret letter to Shaikh Abdullah, Prime Minister of J & K’s part(60%) with India  that there is no possibility of any plebiscite in J & K. We’ll make situations such that it can not be held. Do not disclose to others, otherwise, our bona fides will be questioned(Pre-planned SABOTAGE).
He never cooperated with UNSC for withdrawal of external armies out of state & all formulae presented by UNSC representatives. All formulae of Nimitz, McNaughton, Dixon, Graham & Jarring(total >30) were accepted by Pakistan for an early plebiscite but India(Nehru) rejected all & suggested that he will allow plebiscite only when Pakistan first withdraws her entire army from  Azad Kashmir(40% land) & after that a SIX MONTH TIME GAP is given & after that India will ONLY START withdrawing her external army  out of J & K. That childish, illogical, absurd, unbalanced, one sided surrender type  & ridiculous proposal was rejected by UNSC. Plebiscite could not be held. J & K remained DISPUTED without that as per UNEQUIVOCAL resolution dated 05-01-1949.
India’s attitude is like in a court, one of the two parties is turning up all the time & the other party is never turning up at all. In all such cases, the claim of NOT TURNING UP PARTY IS FORFEITED & the court passes final verdict in favour of all the time turning up party. In J & K matter, INDIA ONLY is “NOT TURNING UP PARTY”.  So, India’s claim only can be forfeited. There is no other possibility.
In 1951, India’s Election Commission(EC) announced assembly election in HALF CUT STATE with her  & all 75 members of only one party National Conference(NC) friendly to Nehru were so elected UNOPPOSED that nomination papers of all other parties & independents were all declared as WRONGLY FILLED INVALID & without any public voting at polling stations, only by NOMINATION, they became bogus public representatives & later, in 1953, those fraud & bogus members of BOGUS assembly of HALF CUT STATE decided that  ENTIRE(100%)J & K is India’s & so, the PLEBISCITE UNDER UNSC is not necessary & becomes REDUNDANT for WHOLE(100% ) state including the HALF CUT STATE with Pakistan too & Pakistan must hand over that part(Azad Kashmir) to India or face consequences. Imagine the FRAUD CLAIM. Will you support that HONESTLY ?
24-01-1957: UNSC passed a resolution that election of any kind in any part of the state is NO SUBSTITUTE of UNSC sponsored FREE & IMPARTIAL PLEBISCITE in J & K.
Even after passage of this resolution, India still asks Pakistan to hand over ‘Azad Kashmir(100% Muslims)’ to India otherwise India will be justified in doing anything against that.
Is UNSC authority above any nation’s govt. authority or below by laws(UN Charter). Who is WRONG  ? India or UNSC ?  Answer yourself. Such open violation of UN Charter will never end the tension. India, actually LOST LOCUS STANDI on J & K as PROVED ABOVE.
Many eminent great historians of India too concluded like that only comparing with cases of Junagarh, Manavadar, Mangrol, Chandernagore & Hyderabad’s accession.  All Indian universities have BANNED any research on ‘Kashmir Accession’ & India’s Claims. India’s case on J & K is weakest possible having no life at all in that. Think neutrally & deeply on the basis of TRUTH, HONESTY & JUSTICE completely & not on the basis of emotions, jingoism & open GOONDAISM, practically.
King of Kashmir NEVER signed any instrument of accession. He was NOT legal ruler of state after 100 years of HUMAN SALE DEED BASED treaty between Britsh Govt. & first MONARCH Dogra Gulabu. After 15-03-1946, last monarch Hari Singh was a DEFUNCT king, NOT COMPETENT to have any authority. Officially, British Govt. came in India after 1857, precisely since 01-01- 1877. In 1846, Mughals ruled at Delhi & they gave only right to collect ‘Maalguzari’ to ‘East India Company’, not to take any political decision, SELLING HUMAN BEINGS & make any ‘NEW STATE’. So, neither the British had any right to sell human beings nor first monarch Gulabu had ANY RIGHT TO PURCHASE at all. That treaty was ILLEGAL & so was 100 year monarchy & despotism too. Think deeply & positively over this point.

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