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True Story of Bengal & India


True Story of Bengal & India
Before Britain invaded, the business of locals of East Bengal were at the top & people were great rich ones among a few in the world over. The ‘malmal’ cloth of Dhaka, easily passable through a ring was one of few miracles of local industries. After ‘Battle of Plassey’ in 1757, British Empire made decisive inroads in India. British people looted most of the things & after they finished that, so called high caste Hindus(so called Brahmins & Banias) too did that on the left over.

Those, who were very rich, became poorest within months. Till then, West Bengal was actually, nothing. To boost their treacherous aim, British people sided & used these two most crooked caste people for dividing & ruling & other means. They made bases mostly in West Bengal & used locals. East Bengal, rich in raw materials was at the receiving end.

All new industries developed after arrival of British people were in West Bengal & East Bengal had none left. Raw materials were reaching West Bengal from East Bengal & used in industries. After a lot of thorough studies, Viceroy Lord Curzon honestly decided in 1905 to divide Bengal making West Bengal & East Bengal as separate states so that industries are developed in East Bengal, people become as prosperous as the same of West Bengal & that state does not remain as a state of labour class majority as desired by elites of West Bengal.

That announcement created jubilations in East Bengal but infuriated West Bengal’s Brahmin-Bania crooks. People opposed strongly saying ‘Our body’s organ’ is being cut off, not tolerable’. That was only a bogus emotional rhetoric of crook behaviour, nothing near reality.

Majority of East Bengal population was of Muslims & the same of West Bengal was of Hindus. So, obviously, the people of West Bengal, mainly Brahmin-Bania combine did not like development, prosperity & well beings of Muslims of East Bengal & wanted them to remain as oppressed, poor labour class, weak & their such aim was apparently going to be shattered by Lord Curzon’s wise, honest & ‘HUMAN’ decision.

West Bengal people started agitation against British Raj’s that decision immediately & asked people for boycott of British goods by copying the idea proposed by the great scholar, leader & poet Maulana Syed Fazlul Hasan alias Hasrat Mohani(once state topper in state board exam) of Unnao, UP in his high quality Urdu journal ‘Urdu-E-Moalla’ only months ago.

Before that, they did not at all bother about pitiable conditions of East Bengal people & suddenly, those people became inseparable limbs of their body & the same too in those conditions of wretched poverty & weaknesses of all kinds. That rhetoric was a sheer hypocrisy(& treachery too), thy name is West Bengali, was the talk of the town in East Bengal. West Bengal’s agitation went violent & highly communal. That ran for six years continuously.

As a response to that, ‘Muslim League’ was formed in East Bengal & its first convention was held in Dhaka in 1906 in which all treacheries, hypocrisy, frauds & secret long term aims(undermining in every respect by all possible means) against Muslims of entire Bengal by Brahmin-Bania were exposed openly. Awakening in East Bengal was increasing fast.

The goondaism of West Bengal by such unjustified agitations continued & heavy losses of human lives, properties & communal frenzy increased so much that British Raj annulled that partition of Bengal in 1911 & again made overwhelming Muslim majority of East Bengal & entire Bengal as a whole too as slaves of Hindus of West Bengal. Everyone in East Bengal realized that Brahmin-Bania looters were against development of East Bengal, wanted them remaining poor, their slaves & exploited. Obviously, no satisfaction, peace & prosperity was going to be seen in East Bengal as the annulment decision was against its interest.

So, East-West Bengal enmity went on increasing & so was communal divide. Muslim League got unexpected popularity in entire Bengal. When British govt. became weak & found it very difficult to run all its colonies after much destructions & devastations in World War-2, like Japan & France, it decided to vacate its colonies one by one by giving freedom to them with some honorable negotiated settlements with existing local political groups & later, left over govts there so that those nations remain friendly to British Empire only in Great Britain in future.

That started immediately after WW-2 & intensified in 1946-47 in India. As India faced too much communal frenzy started since 1922, created ONLY by FASIST Hindu organizations like Hindu Mahasabha, RSS, Sangathana, Shuddhi & so many(no such Muslim group existed at all), increased since 1930, reached its zenith after WW-2, British empire realized to solve that problem too in addition to giving freedom, decided in a haste haphazardly the partition plan, the brainchild of last viceroy Lord Louis Mountbatten, Nehru’s close friend, advancing the freedom date by 10 months instead of settling all issues including communal divide blow by blow & finally giving freedom by slowly transferring power at the end. He did everything opposite.

Whatever was to be done earlier, he did later & vice versa which increased communal as well as non-communal looting, kidnapping, raping & frenzied riots in 8 states & other forms of opportunism by grabbing anything available by hook or by crook, mostly sufferings on migrating refugees & Maharajas of many states washed hands in the same water of that Ganga, like opportunists, in another story. Obviously, India’s partition idea finds its origin not in partition of Bengal in 1905, rather, the actual attitude of bigotry in so called high caste people of the state(Brahmin-Bania). Lord Curzon, only tried to solve the problem logically but those so called high cast people preferred communalism & selfish interests over logic.

Such mentality is still there & found in all spheres of society in India today too, otherwise, innumerable local political & militant groups & organizations would not have existed because every such group/organization/party is evolved out of some real local problem/discontent, ignored by current political powerful class, undoubtedly. In Tamil Nadu, dirty reservation policy of 69% for SC/ST would not have existed because Brahmins at high places deliberately fail SC/ST candidates at every level irrespective of merit & quality. DMK & AIDMK would never have existed if honesty & justice was there at every place & level in India. That is true for all other states too.

I’ve all authentic primary references. Dissents are welcome in any research like this. Things must be bettered so that past is never needed to be told even once in future. I do not like to read & remain hostage of history. History must be made by good works for all, irrespective of any undue favour or bias instead of being read & not learnt anything out of that for bettering current conditions. Dissents/corrections are welcome.

Indian media never presents correct & balanced story at all & indulges in one sided mythmaking, having no freedom, fairness & neutrality in reporting. Counter views are always missing. Thank you!

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