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Denmark| Friends Literary Festival

A land of happy people
11th part

Friends Literary Festival

Tariq Mirza, Sydney

The call came shortly after. Two friends Zafar Awan and Adeel came to get Asi. Both authors are poets. Zafar Awan writes excellent poetry in both Urdu and Punjabi. Adeel Asi is also a very mature poet. Both men are responsible for Bailey’s literary organization.
The same organization was organizing today’s event. When we arrived in Flemish, there was a large audience. It included Copenhagen’s leading academic, literary, journalistic and social figures. Veteran poets and writers as well as young people were included.
I was very happy to see the tastes of the youth. Because the majority of literary events abroad are for people our age, young people are rarely seen. Due to this, the future of Urdu poetry and literature in these countries looks bleak.
Especially the young generation that is growing up abroad. Its connection with Islam is strong, not with Urdu. However, newcomers from Pakistan are becoming a breath of fresh air and becoming part of this literary movement.
It is reassuring to see that just as love can never die, so there is so much charm in Urdu literature that it will live forever. If it survives, then maybe someone will remember those who dragged pens like us. In this hope, so many blood has been cut.
Today’s event was presided over by Nasr Malik, an internationally renowned poet, writer, journalist, researcher, translator and broadcaster. Malik Sahib is a student of literature and journalism.
He has been associated with important international figures in the field of poetry and literature. He was the head of the Urdu program at Danish Broadcasting for many decades. Dozens of heads of state and prime ministers, including Indira Gandhi, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Zia-ul-Haq, have been interviewed.
In addition to Urdu and English, he has a keen eye for Danish literature. Many Danes have translated literary works. Talk like pearls of wisdom are scattered. The audience is mesmerized by the color of their wisdom, experience and observation, and the splendor of their literature.
Nasr Malik is also the editor of a literary magazine. My relationship with them spans two decades. They give my creations a place in their journal. Benefiting from this long acquaintance, reading and researching my books, he wrote a very coherent, comprehensive and interesting essay on my literary endeavors.
The audience listened to this article with great interest and eloquence and was very impressed. I was both amazed and delighted at his awareness of my literary endeavors, his profound insights, critiques and words of praise.
In the field of literature, you will find very few people of Nasr Malik’s age who go beyond the realm of ‘I’ and study and appreciate the efforts of writers who are younger and less experienced. ۔ Despite the seven seas between us, Nasr Malik is fully aware of my creative endeavors. That was the greatness of his character, otherwise where would I be? In the field of literature, where there are people like Nasr Malik who live under the umbrella, there are unfortunately some who do not encourage the talent of others in the way that is their right.
However, it does not increase one’s literary stature nor does it serve language and literature. However, the nature of each person is different and cannot be changed.
There was a poetry session after the book launch. In it, several poets recited their words. Many poets were shocked by his excellent poetry. This is not the first time this has happened. I have been to different countries of the world. In these countries, one often encounters some diamond of poetry and literature which has not been seen by any atom.
Arriving at the hotel at eleven o’clock at night, I was satisfied and happy in spite of two days of continuous awakening and fatigue. In addition to visiting so many important places in one day, the glorious and exciting event and meeting so many good friends made this day memorable.
Ordinary tourists do not even get to know the surroundings of their hotel in such a short time.
As soon as I reached the room, I took off my coat and threw it away. The intention was to get up in a few minutes, but within two or three minutes I was unaware of the world and the mafia.
It was three o’clock in the morning when I opened my eyes. It rarely happens that I fall asleep so fast and unaware. Otherwise, even after going to bed, it takes two and a half hours to fall asleep. Sometimes this time was dedicated to an interesting book. Nowadays it is lost on mobile phones. I am worried about it but it is difficult to change the habit.
The fatigue of the two-day journey had deprived them both today. By eleven o’clock at night I had kept myself mentally alert, but my body was raising voices of protest from within. As soon as he found a comfortable bed, he got lost in the valleys of sleep.
Even though the room light was on. Maybe my eyes wouldn’t open. It was the rising cold in the room that woke him up. I looked up and saw that the window was slightly open. I turned off the heater in the afternoon and couldn’t turn it on again. At three in the morning I avoided calling the hotel management. She closed the window completely, put a blanket over her bed, and went to bed again
But now the goddess of sleep was gone. Maybe she was unhappy about the intrusion that night. On the other hand, I was eager to embrace him.
I waited all night for him to count the imaginary Akhtar but his short hair did not feel kind to me.
The first part of the night, which kept me wrapped in its soft and warm embrace, was lonely in the second part. In his thoughts, I kept changing my mind, but this tyrant did not show his form all night. Does anyone complain like this to his relatives?

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