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Educational apps


Educational applications

Effective means of obtaining quality education at home from school to university

Farooq Tahir – Hyderabad, India

Covid-19 has changed the world routine. The trend of online work and online education is gaining momentum due to this epidemic and even after the normalization of the situation there is a strong fear that this trend may decrease. KG to PG students There are a number of apps that are helpful in the process of reading and learning that students can use to compensate for their academic loss.

Schools, colleges and universities around the world have been shut down to curb the spread of the epidemic from a health and medical point of view, causing great educational loss to students. Students interested in reading, writing and learning, even There is no shortage of educational apps and websites for adult education. With these apps and websites students can quench their thirst for education.
There are educational websites and apps for students who want to increase their knowledge. The line is providing education. There is no shortage of educational apps these days but there are very few websites and reps that meet the quality and reliability criteria.
Below is information on 31 educational apps that are up to date and standard and that students can use to continue their educational journey without interruption.

Coursera se
Studying at Harvard University, Oxford University London and the University of California is every student’s dream. But most of the students are not able to get admission in these institutions of higher learning. Coursera offers free courses in various fields such as literature, science, arts, engineering, and technology at Harvard University, Oxford University, London, and many top universities. Certification is also provided free upon completion of the course. In addition to the Corsira app, Google also offers free courses and certifications.

Duolingo ol
Duolingo Duolingo is a free language learning app. It offers 98 different courses (linguistics) teaching 38 different languages ​​of the world. Duolingo works like a video game. When you complete a level, it rewards you with virtual coins that take you to the next level. During the exam, free tips are given on error and correction methods are also taught. Duilingo offers a total of 34 lectures based on teaching and learning of a single language which is equivalent to a university semester.

Photo Math is an app that solves math problems. In this e book you need to scan the image of the math question you want to solve. As soon as you take a picture of the question, your question is solved. The steps to solve the question are also clearly shown and explained.
If a student is weak in mathematics and finds mathematics difficult, then photometry will facilitate him and will be extremely helpful in learning mathematics. Students can overcome their math weakness through this app. All you need to do is scan the question to solve any math problem.

Udemy de
Udemy is one of the online teaching apps. It offers both free and fee based courses.
UDMI focuses on Microsoft software, which teaches subjects such as math, physics, chemistry, education and training in a variety of projects, including app development, website development, software development, and more.

Khan Academy 
Another free resource for online learning is Khan Academy. These traditional subjects are specially focused on many subjects like physics, mathematics, chemistry etc. You can learn many new things at Khan Academy. The unique feature of Khan Academy is that it is a completely free app. You do not have to pay a penny for this.

Solo Learn
Solo learn is an app development company of Google Play Store. It offers various computer language learning courses absolutely free. You can learn computer languages. There is an app for every computer language and all these apps are available absolutely free.

LinkedIn Learning K
LinkedIn Learning is one of the newest apps for learning professional skills. It has a very simple interface (visible part of the software) with the playlists of the courses. The LinkedIn learning app provides job-related skills such as office work skills, creativity and other related things and skills. This platform has proved to be very useful, efficient, effective and helpful for learning various professional skills. This is a great way to learn about professional and office skills. It does not help in learning non-professional skills such as cooking.

Amazon Kindle 
The Amazon Kindle is another effective learning tool. You can install it and buy books from it. Amazon Kindle books are less expensive than traditional books (paper books). You can read, store and even download books from Amazon Kindle. There are two alternatives to the Amazon Kindle and Google Playbooks (Google Playbooks and Nooks). You can also read books on these two apps Google Playbooks and Nooks.

Wolfram Alpha 
Wolfram Alpha Wolfram Alpha is a great app for serious students (scholars). This app contains information on almost all topics. Excellent information on mathematics, physics, chemistry, geography, astronomy, engineering and many more. You will find information on related topics on the topic you want to get information on and it will also guide you in applying the information related to the article. This app contains many lectures on various topics such as mathematics and other subjects. Unfortunately, this cannot be obtained for free. You will have to pay three dollars to get it installed.

YouTube YouTube is one of the most effective tools for learning new things. There are unlimited lectures on this topic. It helps to learn free educational, professional, non-professional and many other skills. You can learn almost everything from YouTube. It also helps you solve problems in your life. All you have to do is type (paste) your problem on YouTube and it will show the solution to the problem. YouTube is available for free, but a premium version of YouTube Red will have to be paid. Priced at US  9 per month, it features ad-free videos and other premium features.

EDX is an app similar to Corsica. It also offers courses from top universities like Harvard, MIT, Columbia. It offers 2000 different courses in computer science, engineering, science and many more. It also provides a certificate of course completion when you complete a course. It helps a lot in building one’s professional career.

Group studies have always been the best way to learn new things. But with so many students under one roof, not every student can adjust. Remind is an app that allows you to connect with your school friends for group studies. Teachers and parents can also be added to the app for child monitoring. Once you join the class, you will receive all the updates and announcements related to the class. You can also share photos and other study materials with your class, and you can also send a private message to everyone or to a friend.

Quizlet Quizlet is a learning app that has a wealth of content including math, science and various subjects. The unique feature of Quizlet is that it contains flash cards. Flashcards help students remember information and objects. There are also games to keep the interest of the students. Students can achieve their educational goals by promoting acquisition by playing various acquisition games.

Quiz is a great way to learn. Kahoot is an app that has a lot of ready-made quizzes on various topics. With this app you can join live quizzes and compete with others. You can also challenge your friend to a quiz by choosing the quiz of your choice. Kahoot can also be used offline.

Socrative Student
The Sacramento Student App is a very useful app for students. This app connects teachers and students. Through this app, teachers can conduct online quizzes and polls so that students can improve their academic performance.

Near pod Near pod
Near pod Near pod is an app similar to the Socrative Student app. It allows teachers to conduct quiz opals, assign assignments and monitor each student’s progress.

Students can do everything they want to know and learn about the solar system and NASA machines with the help of this app. Pictures, videos and text of NASA machines are available on the NASA app.

Edmodo Edmodo is designed for teachers to reduce their workload. Teachers can upload their lectures on this app, conduct quizzes and publish various materials on it. This is a great social networking app to share information with others.

Piazza Piazza is a question and answer app. There are thousands of instructors at Piazza. Through this platform students can submit their questions and get answers from the instructors.

Memorise is an English word app that uses a variety of creative ways to memorize English words. The main focus of this app is to teach students English words effectively. It can also be used offline.

TED TED is an educational app that contains many video lectures on various topics such as math, science, business (business), design, invention and so on. Using this app to increase your knowledge will be very effective.

Wikipedia Wikipedia is an authoritative and effective knowledge acquisition platform. This app contains a lot of information about each article, topic and title. You can get information about everything from Wikipedia Wikipedia in a professional way. Wikipedia also has its own Wikipedia app.

The best educational apps for kids

YouTube Kids for Kids
YouTube has also developed an app for young children. This app is for children aged 2-12 years. Children can learn effectively through this app in a fun, friendly and interesting way and not only learn but also keep busy in acquiring knowledge due to the deceptive features of this app. After efforts and research, children are adapted according to their quality and psychology.

E Pak Epic
If your children are interested in reading books then Pick Epic app will be very useful for your child. There are many standard books for children in Epic Epic. It contains about 40,000 books. The main purpose of Epic is to increase the number of reading books for children under 12 years of age. The books are categorized according to their subjects.

Hungry Caterpillar Play School ry
This app ranks (number one) in 25 countries of the world in children’s apps. Using this app, children can learn math, science, spelling, grammar and many more. This app is designed with children’s favorite learning methods in mind. This app also offers videos with interactive content.

PBS Kids Andlerin Science PBS Kids Play and Learn Science
PBS Kids Endurance Science PBS Kids Play and Learn Science is a popular children’s app. Through this app, children learn science through games. This app helps children in matters like controlling the weather, playing meaningful games and choosing materials in the preparation of new sciences. The main focus of the app is to introduce children to the use of science in everyday life.

Quick Math Jr
Quick Math Jr. has been developed to make children interested in mathematics. The app includes 12 math games that help children understand basic math and turn it into creative things.

Khan Academy Kids 
The children’s version of Khan Academy is also very popular. There are lots of books and activities to keep kids busy. This app covers a wide range of topics such as math, science, arts and languages.

Moose Math
Moose Math Moose Math is a children’s app that is very helpful for children to learn the basics of basic math such as counting, addition, subtraction, sorting, geometry and other mathematics. There are 5 games in this app from which children learn mathematics in games.

Prodigy is another app for improving children’s basic math. There are educational games in this app, children learn through these games. The Prodigy app also rewards children after each level, which helps children develop a greater desire to play and learn.

Scratch Jr. 
Scratch Jr. Scratch Jr is an app that helps children develop interest in programming languages. This app helps 7-5 year old to program their own interactive stories and games. Learn to do, design projects and express yourself creatively on a computer. This app has fun and interesting ways to teach kids in a fun way.

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