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Denmark|Divided into four countries


A land of happy people

The second part

Divided into four countries

By Tariq Mirza

Hamad International Doha is a modern international airport. Its building is unique because of its zig zag shape and ups and downs. When the plane stopped, we saw dozens of planes of Qatar Airways and other airlines standing on the runway. Which indicates the busyness of the airport. The biggest reason for this busy schedule of Doha Airport and the arrival of international passengers in Qatar is Qatar Airways. This airline is so standard that passengers prefer it. As Qatar Airways passengers stay in Qatar while traveling on various international routes, travelers from all over the world stop in Doha and travel. Which further benefits the country.

When PIA was booming, thousands of passengers used to stay in Karachi every year. Karachi’s hotels, restaurants and other tourist attractions were profitable during this period. What a wonderful time that was. When dozens of European tourists were seen wandering in Karachi Sadr. Foreigners were seen carrying cameras and taking photographs at Empress Market, Jahangir Park, Mazar-e-Quaid, Clifton, Hawke’s Bay, Kemari, Manohra and Karachi Airport. It feels like a dream come true.

Return to Qatar, which has strained relations with neighboring Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. When these relations were normal, Doha Airport, the city’s hotels and its shopping malls were very busy. This boom has now waned a bit. The strained relations with Saudi Arabia and the UAE had an immediate and negative effect on Qatar’s economy because of its dependence on Qatar as a neighboring country. The leaves on which they relied began to blow.

When these countries imposed sanctions on Qatar, it came as a surprise to Qatar. However, this small country rich in mineral wealth of oil and gas has moved very fast towards standing on its own feet and towards the golden destination of self-reliance. It involves both the overuse of wealth and the excellent performance of the government. The strained relations between Qatar and the UAE have had an impact on international travelers like us.

It took at least an extra hour to travel from the UAE’s airspace to Doha after a long voyage around the international sea. Tensions or wars between countries have negative effects all over the world. Of course, if there is peace and prosperity in the region, then its positive effects and fruits will benefit the people not only of the region but also of the world. Especially in the present times when the world is collapsing and taking the form of a global village, whether it is the majestic clouds of war or the golden sunshine of peace, its effects spread from one end of the world to the other.

Despite knowing and understanding all this, Hazrat Eisa did not learn any lesson. Despite increasing connections and distances, the world has failed to get rid of the scourge of war as it did in the jungle era. In this case, man did not make any progress, but created more destruction. This chain is getting longer and longer and the dove of peace is sitting somewhere scared.
We arrived in Doha at 11:30 pm. Our departure from Sydney started at night. Arriving in Qatar after a 15-hour journey, it was still more than midnight. It was even longer in the middle of the night because we were going to face the sun.At one o’clock in the morning we boarded the next Qatar Airways flight. The difference between the two flights was that the first plane was very large and carried people of different colors and races. The flight to Denmark was full of whites.
There were also some wheatish and black faces. One of the young Asians was a Brahmin with me. He looked like a Pathan. In the beginning, like Melissa, he was obsessed with headphones. When he got tired, his words turned to me.
Do you live in denmark He asked in english

His English was as good as my Pashto. In response to his English, I said in Urdu
No i’m going for a walk
He was Afghan and his name was Zahir Khan. When he heard Urdu, he opened his mouth. However, his Urdu was only worth living, which he had learned during his stay in Pakistan. Languages ​​were his weakness. Because Sweden, where he lived, and English, the language of communication, were not within his reach. Zahir Khan could understand Urdu but could not speak fluently. However, the song he was listening to at that time was also in Urdu. The story of Zahir Khan came to light through mutual conversation.

Zahir Khan’s family was divided into four countries: Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Sweden. His parents lived in Iran, his uncle in Pakistan, Nanhial in Afghanistan and his brother in Sweden. He went on holiday to visit relatives in Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Zahir Khan’s two brothers had earlier taken refuge in Sweden. Now Zahir Khan’s request was pending. Zahir Khan and his brother also want to bring their parents to Sweden while the parents were afraid of the cold weather in Sweden.

Zahir Khan lives with his brothers in Christendest, a coastal town in Sweden, near the Danish border. Where they have a barber shop. Despite being located in Sweden, Christine Stade is close to Copenhagen. That is why Zahir Khan was going to Copenhagen instead of Stockholm. From Copenhagen to Christine Stead he was going by train which was about two hours away.

Zahir Khan was very happy to move to Sweden. At the same time, he was proud of his homeland Afghanistan, the land of his ancestors. Although he was born in Iran. But as soon as he regained consciousness, he was told that we were temporary refugees in Iran. Our homeland is Afghanistan. Zahir Khan’s parents always remembered their homeland. For this reason, Zahir Khan also wanted to go to Afghanistan. His passion was fulfilled at the age of ten when he first went to Afghanistan with his parents. He told

I had heard a lot about my homeland and had an outline of it in my mind, but when I went to Afghanistan I was very disappointed because there was nothing of interest to me except a few relatives. There was fear and terror in the connected cities and towns, in the towns without basic amenities, in the towns without madrassas and roads, and in the atmosphere. My siblings and I were shocked to see these scenes, our parents who opened their eyes in the dust were also shocked.

In the 21st century, when the world has reached the highest rung of the ladder of development and people are reaping the benefits of it in such a way that their lives are easy, the people of Afghanistan are still living in the Stone Age. have been. The biggest problem is that there is no protection of life and property because there is no such thing as law.
Seeing this situation, Zahir Khan’s parents returned to Iran with their children, where they have been living in a refugee camp for the last 40 years. Despite being a refugee here, they still enjoy the security and tranquility of Afghanistan.

These unfortunate wars have created insecurity and unrest in many parts of the world over the years. Because of them, the life of the people has become impossible. In countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Yemen, more than one generation is growing up in an atmosphere of war and fear. What is the fault of these innocent children who are born in these disaster stricken areas? What is the crime of the young people who are brought up in the crackling of bullets and the roar of cannons? For what crime are the mothers whose livers are sacrificed in these wars punished?

The honeymoons of the brides are ruined. Due to the old age of weak parents, their young sons are buried under the dust in front of their eyes. In war-torn areas, even birds and ashjars are not safe. There the birds forget to chirp. The call of the coil cook and the papaya are also lost. Even the trees become barren and the lush plains become barren. What’s more, innocent people are the victims of modern-day wars. These innocents receive this punishment simply because they are born in a certain region. Other than that, they are not to blame.
War is the wrath of human beings that has been unleashed on human beings for centuries and there is no way out of it in the future. Unless a person who is called civilized actually becomes civilized.

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