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Denmark|A land of happy people


part 1

A land of happy people


After a two-year hiatus, the heart once again felt the urge to embark on a long journey. I tried my best to convince my heart to sit down. Why do you keep provoking the dust of the land? But only the heart that listens to the advice. He did not listen to me as usual and forced me to go to bed.

By the way, this discussion was just a show. Otherwise, obeying my heart, I was as happy inside as if the father had fulfilled the child’s stubbornness.
In this case, I consider myself fortunate that even after completing half a century of age, when I embark on a new journey, the waves of excitement, passion, quest and joy are carrying within me as they did in childhood.

In this way, my feelings and emotions related to travel do not change from childhood to fifty five. On the contrary, with time, this light of hobby became brighter. The reason for this is that with age, a person’s thinking becomes clearer. The power of observation also increases with the light of experience and maturity of consciousness. In this case, the angle of viewing and examining things changes. They add more breadth and depth of vision which makes the world feel more interesting, beautiful and colorful.

An example of this is when a young student first reads the word of Iqbal, he understands something and does not understand anything. When he climbs the ladder of youth to college and university, the meaning feels different and when the same person reaches the age of maturity, the same word appears for different meanings and meanings. This creation of nature, this world also comes to be understood gradually like a high level poetry and masterpiece picture and its effect and beauty gradually goes home in the heart and mind.

This time my focus was on Northern European countries, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, also known as Scandinavia.

Later, Qatar, the richest country in the Middle East, also became part of the tour, adding more color to the tour.
Australia, which was my starting point, is located on one side of the world, while Scandinavia, which was my destination, is on the other side. Thus the journey spread from one end of the world to the other.
The sun, which first appears on the continent of Australia in the world, sets on this side of Norway, a country of Scandinavia, after a long journey. It takes about 24 hours to travel along the sun to reach Northern Europe from Australia.

After a 24-hour association, the sun sets in the region and rises in Australia’s neighboring country, New Zealand. The importance and usefulness of the king of the sun is in its place, but I have a poetic temperament, so I made this journey in the company of the moon.

In fact, Urdu poets have not mentioned Husniyar as much as they have mentioned the moon. Although I am not a poet, I am a writer. His stone kept moving, he kept walking until he completed his circle around the earth. Someone is walking alongside him for so long. I don’t know if the moon knew about it or not.

To this day, no lover would have followed his moon as much as I did the real moon. From dawn to dusk the moon was fixed on it, as well as the journey from east to west. After twenty-three hours of continuous rain, when the moon set, my destination came with it. It was the longest journey of my life and the unique experience of a long night of 23 hours.
Traveling from Australia to Northern Europe and its interior was not easy. One reason for this was the distance between the two regions.

The second reason was that I was not going to a single country but to four countries in the region, including Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. In addition to these four, if Qatar, a country outside Europe, is included, then the journey would cover five countries and two continents while I was leaving from the third continent, Australia. There were also trips to four European countries, including cruises, as I was sailing from Sweden to Finland. Road and rail were also my means of transportation. While as a tourist, sifting through the dust of cities is a major part of the journey. Thus, in this two and a half week tour, one had to travel thousands of miles by air, sea and land.

Other trials included trying to deal with strange cities, strange people, foreign languages, new destinations every day, different types of temporary accommodation, food and lodging problems, harsh weather, and sudden problems. ۔
However, this journey and its difficulties were my own choice. So not only did I have to endure with a smile on my face, but I also had to get my gem out of it. The journey itself is full of difficulties, dangers and fears. These difficulties, dangers and fears make the journey interesting, informative and exciting. That was my ultimate goal.

This was not my first trip to Europe. I have previously traveled to Britain, France, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium in 2000, the last year of the twentieth century.
(The story of this journey is written in my book ‘Journey of Fragrance’.) That is why this time my direction was towards Northern Europe. The Scandinavian countries of Northern Europe are distinct and unique regions in terms of their history, geography, language, literature, culture and seasons. Apart from this uniqueness, the other reason for this choice was also some of my friends living in these cold countries whose loving calls kept provoking me.
I chose the second half of April for this trip because by that time the cold snap in the region had broken and spring was knocking.

In winter, the region freezes like a cold. With severe cold, the days get shorter and darker. Rain and snow often follow. As such, winter is not conducive to tourism in the region.

Yes, the winter in Scandinavia is very attractive for young people who love ice sports. Elderly people stay indoors during the cold weather or their activities are confined to buildings, shopping centers, and offices. Because no matter how cold it is outside, the interior of buildings is warm and comfortable with mechanical heat.

On the afternoon of April 17, he left his Sydney home for the long journey. An hour’s journey from home to the airport and then three hours at the airport and boarding Qatar Airways’ giant temple airbus was a short winter day in Australia.

The plane was still in the air when the red ball of the sun began to set towards the west. The same westward direction I was walking. As soon as the sun set in Australia, the sun rose on my destination. But the sun of that day was gone from my life forever. Before I got there, it was sunrise and sunset.

Thus the sun remained hidden from me for 24 hours and in the opposite direction of the planet and I traveled in front of it. However, during all this time, the moon did not get smaller. A moon was walking with me in a cluster of stars outside the window and a moon was sitting with me on the window seat. The middle-aged European woman with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a grim face was empty.

Dressed in blue jeans and a red blouse, her body was peeking out. As I sat down I said hello. He took off his headphones. Lightning flashed and said hello in a Maternal tone and then turned to the mobile. Hassan was proud of himself. On the other hand, we were also based on ego. So for half an hour he got lost in his cell phone and I in my book.

In the meantime, our plane landed in the skies, rising above Sydney’s majestic buildings, expansive greenery and blue waters. As soon as they got away from the earth, all the terrestrial landscapes were lost. Now, out of the window, in the thick darkness and in the crowd of Anjum, he could see nothing but the bright and happy moon. I was looking at the crescent moon in the vastness of the sky when a voice came from near.
where are you going ?
I looked around and saw blue eyes and red lips. I said.
My destination is Denmark.

Oh okay ! Do you live there or go on a visit? Asked the smiling blue eyes.
Going on a visit He will also visit Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Qatar on his return.
A whistle came from his ruby ​​lips.
Brilliant ! Great route. All these countries are very attractive and worth seeing. You will definitely enjoy visiting them.
Let’s see what the experience is like. Sometimes what looks beautiful is not so attractive. Time and circumstances are also important. So where are you from
His accent indicated that he was not Australian.
I am irish By the way, my name is Melissa. He extended his delicate hand.
When I held his hand, an electric current ran.

Bid I came for a tour of New Zealand and Australia. Having spent two weeks here, I am now returning.
Brilliant ! My name is Tariq Mirza. I live in Sydney. I have traveled to many European countries, including the United Kingdom. However, he has not been able to go to Ireland yet. I heard it is a very beautiful country.
Yes ! Ireland is beautiful. By the way, Austria and New Zealand are no less. Especially the shores of your city Sydney are not the answer. I have been living in Sydney’s Koji Beach. I have been swimming and sunbathing daily.
I could tell by your sunburned face. The rest of the body will be like sleep.

اسThere was a red tinge on his face. Bid
What is your country of origin
I was born in Pakistan but have been living in Australia for the last 26 years.
Oh! Pakistan also has immense natural beauty. I really want to go there, but my friends forbid me. I have heard that the conditions there are not good.
I said smiling. Not all hearsay is true. Things are much better now. Countless tourists are going there.
Melissa asked in an innocent tone. Is there no danger now?
A little bit of danger is everywhere. If he was afraid of them, he would not be able to leave the house. Well, there is no such danger. Pakistanis are a very hospitable nation. Goods and services are cheap.

For example, you can rent a car with a drive for the whole day by paying fifty to sixty dollars. Take a look. Then you would like to go there again and again.
You have praised so much. Now I must go. A series of talks started with Melissa. He had seen almost half the world. The other half wanted to see and could afford it. She had this ability in the form of wealth left by her two late husbands. With this wealth, there was no obstacle for his dream to be realized. She was still young and handsome. She could also have a third husband and her wealth if needed. The coin-wielding weapon of beauty and wealth he had was very unlikely to be emptied.

In European society, a wealthy husband is worth a million rupees for a woman like Melissa, and a hundred thousand rupees if she dies. Neither the law nor the society stands in the way of the husband’s inheritance. Therefore, such a woman has five fingers in ghee and her head in a frying pan.

An hour and a half passed from Melissa talking about Australia and Ireland. Meanwhile, the well-equipped staff of Qatar Airlines served food. Both food and staff service were standard. One of the advantages of being an airline of a Muslim country was that all food was halal and all passengers were served at the same time. Otherwise, what is offered in the name of halal food in Thai and other similar airlines is often not edible. The second is that halal food is served before others which seems strange. Feelings of drowsiness after eating.

After apologizing to Melissa, I spread my legs and tried to sleep. Fifteen hours from Sydney to Doha without sleep was very difficult. No one can talk for so long and no one can be entertained by books and movies. There is nothing better than getting caught during the flight. Otherwise air travel is the most tiring. Especially such a long flight is no less than a test.

I chose the route of Qatar Airways and Doha after much deliberation. My choice did not go wrong. However, the long flight from Sydney to Doha was a difficult part of the journey. It passed easily due to Melissa’s intimate companionship, the occasional arrival of the Goddess of Sleep, and the graceful and well-paid hostesses of Qatar Airways.

There is also the benefit of having a middle seat vacancy. Because of this, I got the opportunity to play openly but not openly. I was staring at my roommate with tears in his eyes that he might feel the need for someone’s shoulder while sleeping but maybe he knew that this is not Mustansir Hussain Taarar. So he just sat on the pillows provided by the airline and did not consider my shoulders worthy of attention.

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