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Denmark| An interesting dialogue

A land of happy people
9th part

An interesting dialogue

Tariq Mirza, Sydney

It was noon. Surprisingly, despite traveling for two days in a row, I was refreshed and did not fall asleep. However, tea was in demand.
Opposite the Arabic grocery store was a Pakistani restaurant whose elderly Barish owner we found outside. He knew Ramazan Rafiq. At his invitation we went to his restaurant which was empty of customers at that time. He had a cold and hot temper and a pure business mentality.
When Ramzan Sahib told me about them, I was happy. However, his attention was elsewhere. The conversation that took place there was something like this.
Ramzan Rafique: “This is Tariq Mirza Sahib. Just arrived from Australia today. Author of several books. His book launches this evening.

Shopkeeper: “Good. Tell me, how is the fog going on in the restaurant? By the way, nowadays people have become stingy. Not willing to spend money.
Ramzan Rafique: “Mirza Sahib is a novelist, travel writer and columnist. His columns are published in Pakistani newspapers and …
Don’t talk about Pakistan in front of me. The whole country is full of unbelievers. By the way, summer is just beginning. The fog will get better.
Muhammad Yaseen: “Will you come to the evening ceremony?”
Shopkeeper: “Which ceremony?” Oh good book, man, what do I have to do with books. Anyway, no good poet came to Pakistan after Allama Iqbal.Ramzan Rafique:
“Tariq Mirza Sahib and his comrades are continuing their literary activities in Australia. Mirza Sahib has traveled to dozens of countries and written three travelogues.
“Dude, what are you talking about Australia?” When I first came to Denmark, we used to cross the border in many European countries, sometimes in a truck and sometimes on foot.

At that time I also thought about going to Australia.
Then I thought, what is the use of going so far? There is no better country than Denmark.
Muhammad Yaseen: Mr. Australia is also a very good country and much better than us in terms of weather.
Shopkeeper Leave Australia to Valia, tell me how the fog will be in Ramadan? By the way, I have received enough Iftar bookings. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Not seen for days.
Ramzan Rafiq looked at me with an apologetic look and said
Yes i don’t know Haven’t met in days.
And what is he doing nowadays?
This time Ramzan Rafiq stood up.
Let us There are many places to visit.
Shopkeeper (getting up)
okay. Get meat from a certain store for a restaurant. Quite cheap. They should be fed as bad people as they are.
Seeing the smirk on my face, Ramzan Rafiq and Muhammad Yaseen opened the door and came out. The shopkeeper’s voice came from behind.
Ramzan Rafique said without looking back
Never again

Going out, Ramzan said Ramadan
Sorry Mr. Tariq! I didn’t know they would talk like that.
I reassured them.
Don’t worry There are colorful characters in our world. We must get used to them.
Muhammad Yaseen said, “If it was known that they would say such things, they would not go to him. By the way, I have not met him much.”
Ramzan Rafiq told. “I also visited him for the first time even though he has been to my restaurant many times. I have always worked for them.

I laughed and said, “They have done it too. By the way, you are both worried. Such people are pitiable. They have everything, yet they are disgusted with everything and even with themselves. The reason is hatred and malice in their minds and hearts.
Under the guise of this poisonous spirit, they see the beauty spread around them and do not feel the fragrance of love of friends and relatives.
If the heart is cleansed of this poisonous hatred, then every particle of the universe begins to look beautiful. Feel the fragrance of love and happiness. You feel bad. In such a world, the world is beautiful and every human being living in it seems to like it.

Ramzan Rafiq said, “Wow! What a beautiful thing. It’s fun. This is the difference between a writer and an ordinary person. You have diagnosed the disease in a few sentences and also explained its treatment. You are absolutely right.
I visit my friends whenever I get depressed. When I sit next to them, I get encouragement and happiness and my mind becomes light.
Muhammad Yaseen said, “In order to be happy, inner satisfaction is more important than external factors.” If a person is not happy inside, then external happiness cannot affect him.

Absolutely. “I said as I continued the conversation. “Even the smallest joys in life should not be ignored.

A beautiful scene, a child’s mischievous mischief, someone’s loving smile, a friend’s friendship, blue sky, flying birds, blooming flowers, a gust of wind and white clouds and many other scenes made our hearts rejoice. Give Collect and spread the fragrance.

Above all, give thanks to the Creator who has bestowed these blessings and pleasures. Then look, the foot of man will be filled with joy. Because the more grateful a person is, the more the Creator rewards him.


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