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Denmark| Strange town of Copenhagen

A land of happy people
7th part

Strange town of Copenhagen

Tariq Mirza, Sydney

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Now we come to the most interesting and strange part of Copenhagen, Christiania.
An ancient and historic settlement located near the Opera House and in the center of the city. It has a different lifestyle from the rest of the city and has a unique way of life.

Covering an area of ​​about 5 acres and consisting of a thousand inhabitants, the colony is surrounded by high walls on all four sides. This is not to say that these people are trapped in it. People from outside this population and people from outside can come to this population freely.
However, the rule of law within these walls is very low. Marijuana, morphine and other drugs are widely sold here and there. But the eye of the law ignores them because it is the traditional fog of the ancient inhabitants.

I asked when Ramzan Rafiq parked his car near the gate in a dirt road with a centuries old stone wall. The car is not in danger here.
Ramzan Rafiq told. No, these people are not so brave. They don’t go out and commit crimes etc. However, they do not pay much attention to the law within the four walls. They also do drugs and do business with it. Being intoxicated, they often do bad things, but they are usually harmless.

After parking the car, we entered the gate of Sachinia as if we had entered a unique and ancient age. In front of the tin-roofed cottage-like houses, groups of drunken men and women were watching us from afar.
A few stepped forward and shook hands. One or two asked, what drugs are needed? Tell us

We smiled and thanked them and moved on. On the walls of old and dilapidated houses, strange paintings and drawings were done in different colors. There was wood in the courtyards of the houses.
Men and women of fair complexion, dressed in filthy clothes, were sitting in groups and basking in the sun.

Someone was laughing while someone was leaning on the ground. Maybe he was looking for something on the ground. Someone was staring at the sky and someone was flying flies. Unaware of the world and the mafia, they rejoiced in their melody.
There were good wide streets within the population but driving is prohibited. So we were going on foot. Next to a square was the center and bazaar of this cannabis population. The square is lined with shops, cafes, restaurants, cinemas, open-air theaters and drug stalls on the sidewalk.

There were all kinds of hashish on the big tables. Their names were something like this. African, Moroccan, Danish, Mexican and Peshawar etc. When we stopped at a stall, the shopkeeper started telling us about different types of cannabis.
It was a completely new and unique experience for me. There were chairs for marijuana and other drug users. There were also small rooms. On the other hand, sandwiches, coffee and hot dogs were being sold in this square.

In one corner a group of hippies was playing music. Many people stood in front of them, smoking marijuana and chanting Yahoo slogans. Marijuana, smoke and food were circulating in the air.
The people here were happy and drunk in their world free from the sorrows, worries and anxieties of the world. It was also a unique and different world.

The arrangement of streets and houses in Christiania was strange. On one side the sea water was touching their walls. Along with the water was a high temple.
Above it were clumps of trees and plants. If colorful flowers were hanging in them, the power would be manifested. There were benches between the bushes and the flowerbeds. This temple with its lush green trees used to go far.

We were walking among the trees. There was no one there except us at that time of the morning. Given the size of the population and the condition of its inhabitants, it was a desolate and scary place. But Ramzan Rafiq was walking carefree. He told
The real boom here is in the evening. No tourist coming to Copenhagen returns without seeing Christiania.
I asked.
Who are these people and since when has this population been established?
Ramzan Rafiq told
It is also called Independent Christiania. It is inhabited by people belonging to certain temperaments, societies and economic classes. Before 9, it was a military base. It was then allocated to these specific individuals. So that the drug smuggling is limited to this area and does not spread across the country.

From the beginning, these people have been playing tricks on the law. This drug business was neglected till the 5th. At that time these people did not allow the police to come here. They were cracked down on and brought to justice. These people still do not pay much attention to the law. The hand of law is also very soft for them. However, they are not dangerous to society. Just want to live life in their own way.
Where did these people come from and how did they get there?

Mr. Ramzan said, as I mentioned, these were military barracks and were built in the shape of a fortress to protect Copenhagen.
They were built during the reign of King Christian. In the Second Northern War with Sweden, Copenhagen was occupied by Sweden. After the independence of Denmark, in 5 AD, Christian V rebuilt this protective fence. After that, the guards of the fort from Christian Haven were stationed here.

The current inhabitants of Christiania are the descendants of these guards. Which still resides here after many centuries. The area around it was used by various units of the Danish Navy and Army.
After World War II, these barracks were evacuated from the army and handed over to the current occupants, who are still standing.

However, drug trafficking and other illegal activities began. They had established an independent state within the state which was abolished. But behind the wall, they still have a lot of freedom.
That’s how we got out of Christiania.
Satisfied that the car was in good condition. Otherwise, nothing is unexpected in such a population. In every city of the world there are certain areas where a gentleman is afraid to go. Redfern, a Sydney area, is similarly infamous.

The area is home to a large number of Aboriginal peoples, commonly known as the Aborigines. Often intoxicated and sitting idle all the time. Theft and other petty crimes are common in the area.
The reason for this is that the allowance received from the government is sufficient for daily living and not for intoxication. These people commit these crimes to fulfill this addiction. Ordinary people are reluctant to go to this area.



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