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Denmark| Snake’s tale

A Land Of happy People


part 20

Tariq Mahmood Mirza

It took half an hour to reach the car. Once again we were walking between the same old buildings in Copenhagen. There are very few modern buildings in Copenhagen. Take a look at the four-story apartment building, built of red bricks with a distinctive architectural style, built two and a half hundred years ago. Their forefathers built so much that the present generation needs to have little hesitation in this regard. On the other hand, the population of this nation does not increase as they feel the need for more infrastructure.

Thus, for them, convenience is the only convenience. Despite being two hundred and fifty years old, these ancient buildings are durable and equipped with modern facilities from within. But as a tourist, seeing these buildings, I thought the city was medieval. This was especially the case with Bangkok, Tokyo, Singapore, Sydney, and Doha. But this nation is proud of its past, its celebrities and its forefathers and feels happy and proud to cherish their traditions.

In addition to houses and buildings, cars in Scandinavia also use smaller and slightly older models. A four-year-old car is rarely seen on Japanese roads. Doha is home to some of the world’s largest and most expensive vehicles. Larger and four-wheeled vehicles are also common in Australia these days. While in Europe small and ordinary cars are more visible.

Perhaps it is a matter of trend and custom that these people are not convinced to spend money on expensive and luxury cars. One of the reasons for this is that public transport is common and cheap. However, this is my personal impression which may be wrong as some of my hosts also had very expensive and luxury cars. However, no matter how deep the tourist looks, his experience and observation is limited. Things that are new and unique to him are commonplace to the locals. Everyone’s field of thought is different.

As I drove through the ancient and historic part of the city, I saw the building again, as if Nissan could not help but be impressed. Master by the sea, this building looks very old, great and magnificent. At my request, Raja Ghafoor stopped the car and said, “By the way, parking is not allowed here.”

A few cars were already parked there. Seeing them reminded me of a joke. A driver drove to a part of the city where parking was hard to find. At one point, seeing a car park, he stopped the car and asked the traffic constable, “Can I park here?”
The constable said, “No sir, parking is not allowed here.”
“But there are already so many cars parked here.”
The constable replied innocently. “They never asked me.”

Raja Ghafoor listened to the joke and said, “There is no need to ask and tell. Because parking and new parking signs exist and improper parking is penalized. “

The old and tall building is an old stock exchange. It is one of the oldest buildings in Copenhagen. When King Christian IV considered trade and commerce important for the country, he laid the foundation of this building. It had the capacity to set up forty large stalls and to buy and sell stocks. At the time, the building was surrounded on three sides by the sea so that ships could deliver and carry goods directly.
Now in front of it are the sea and the buildings on three sides. The roof of this ancient Dutch-style building was initially made of lead. When Sweden annexed Denmark in 5 AD, they removed the lead and used it for their artillery shells. (Conquerors do the same with their conquests.) Covered with tin and tiles.

Three dragons (snakes) are wrapped around the tall tower of this building in such a way that when you reach the height of the tower, it becomes a tail. The three snakes represent Scandinavia’s three neighbors, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. The tail of this dragon is believed by the locals to protect the building from all evils. It is alleged that the fire broke out in the building and its surroundings several times, but the snake’s tail saved the building while the fire severely damaged nearby buildings.

The Christian Borg Palace (now the parliament building) in the same area has been burnt down several times. The last fire broke out in the year 2000 which caused severe damage to many buildings in the area but due to the tail of the snake this building remained safe from the fire.

It also shows the way we, the people of the Indian subcontinent, used to cast spells, tricks, birds, babas, amulets, goons, offerings on anonymous graves, colorful flags hanging on trees, blowing bushes and so on. And trying to make business safer, European nations, despite being a thousand developed, are not behind us in superstition and economic weakness. Sometimes they show their faith and belief in non-transcendent creatures by exposing imaginary sea creatures through literature, art and painting, but also make it a source of economic necessity.
And sometimes hidden in the basement of a centuries-old castle, Dansk is called the national savior, and somewhere, with the tail of a snake, they take care of their important buildings. Despite all this, the people of the West are far behind us because our system is not based on thought and action but on amulets, hooligans and practices. Even to run the government, the support of the amulet is intended instead of a prudent minister.

We have to start a business, bring a new car on the road, open a shop, even fly a new plane of the national airline, then we need to slaughter a black goat for repulsion. Need a coin Monday amulet. Poems like colorful birds, feathers of birds, hair of animal tails and black face of the burner are needed to protect the shop, car, bus, truck and tractor from the evil eye. Verses and prayers for travel are recorded on buses, trucks and rickshaws.
۔ Charity is given. Offerings and vows are made at shrines. All this is done and then the bus or truck, taxi or rickshaw is handed over to the driver who does not have to have a driving license Be unaware Above all, these amulets, practices and offerings bring blessings and growth to the business, rather than honesty, truthfulness, accurate measurement and honesty.
The chemistry we have for domestic, business and national development is unmatched by any other in the world. These people take a long and arduous path of hard work, perseverance, honesty, integrity, wisdom and planning in vain. If they know these shortcuts and arrow-targeted recipes for success and prosperity, they can become rich overnight without hard work and perseverance. But it is not in their destiny.
(to be continued…)

یہ مضمون اردو میں پڑھنے کے لیے لنک پر کلک کریں


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