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Muslims must not be blamed for India’s partition. Every year, when 15 August(India’s Hurriyat Day) comes, media turns negative, sometimes going berserk & starts narrating partition & Muslim bashing as if Muslims at large were solid political knowledgeable people & decided collectively that. Muslim League(ML) exploited loopholes, weaknesses, fascistic moves & negative statements based intentions of Congress leaders as written nicely in the book: India’s Modern History by Grover & Grover, prescribed in B.A. History syllabus of Delhi University & elsewhere too.  ML  used partition agenda as a bargaining chip for getting maximum possible rights for Muslims in Indian resources as other communities got.
Even Jinnah demanded partition only in ML Lahore convention on 23 March, 1940 for the first time but the same Jinnah accepted United India in the 1942 Sir Stafford Cripps Plan, leaving aside earlier partition demand because he found that Cripps Mission guaranteed rights of Muslims in the transfer of power to India.

It is a fact that Indians & Congress leaders launched ‘Quit India Movement’ thinking that Japan will attack India in the World War-2. So, Indian local soldiers in British army will side with Japan who will capture India & British will run away. After the WW-2, Japan will hand over United India to Indians. Keeping that in mind only, Gandhiji supported Indian nationals joining British Indian army for the world war. Before World War-2 Gandhiji said,  “Violence loving Britain is killing great peace lover Germans(of Hitler).” Oh peace lover Hitler’s army!!! But soon, the course of war started taking reversal & Japan & Germany started slowly losing the war, apparently. When Cripps Mission came, seeing that mission matching Congress concept/demand of United India as a free nation after the war, it accepted that fast. The plan was to categorize Indian states in 3 different categories A, B & C type  of  autonomous federal states within Indian Union with Centre having power in some limited big matters of the whole nation before giving hurriyat(freedom) to India(Bharat). Congress actually, celebrated the plan greatly. But after many days, after a lot of deep thoughts, the moment Muslim League accepted the plan, there were sudden huge flutters in Congress circles how & why ML, particularly Jinnah accepted the plan by discarding earlier demand of a separate nation for Muslims after a suitable partition. Surely,  somehow, somewhere & in some form at its bottom, Pakistan must be hidden within that, otherwise, a clever, cunning & shrewd top order jurist Jinnah would never have accepted that. Too much deep thoughts were given & plan was reexamined from different distorted angles too to discover obscurely hidden Pakistan within that. Congress started thinking that entire Punjap, entire Bengal, Sindh, CP & entire Assam(now seven states broken out of that) were apparently going out of Congress’s grip/hands. Congress asked for detailed interpretation. Cripps gave no explanation. So, Congress said, “Its interpretation will be ours only(kameenapan baahar aa gaya).” Later, Congress rejected that. So, the smaller party, ML too rejected & so, the last possibility of existence of  free United India(Akhund Bharat) failed. Cripps returned to England.
In 1944, when signs of end of WW-2 started appearing, Gandhiji started visiting Jinnah’s house at Malabar Hill, Bombay for negotiations for persuading him for dropping partition demand. Gandhiji started telling him that he will make solid efforts such that after hurriyat(freedom) of India, no Muslim will be troubled within India, though riots intensely started since 1922 ending 4 year strong Hindu-Muslim Unity move of Mahatma Gandhi strongly supported by Ali(Mohd. & Showkat) Brothers of Khilafat Movement too since 1918. Hindu Mahasabha, Sangathan, Shuddhi, Arya Samaj, RSS & Akali movements resorted to much anti-Muslim riots. Earlier too, since 1893(year of first ever big riot in India), B. G. Tilak’s Ganpati Procession tradition was purposely aimed against Muslims offering Namaz-e-Maghrib after sunset by deliberately creating noise in front of mosques & attacks on them too(read the books  of Dr. Jawad Alam & Vishalakshi Menon). Earlier, Savarkar’s men too were attacking & breaking walls & windows of many mosques. 1930-1947 was period of riots by abovementioned Hindu & Sikh fascist terrorist organizations. Their aim was that all immovable properties of Muslims are snatched & after that they would convert them to Hindu fold  by ‘Shuddhi Movement’.
Gandhiji was asked by Jinnah how will the well being, properties, safety, security, dignity & honour of Muslims be guaranteed in free united India. Gandhiji said, “A tribunal will be set up by the central govt to study cases of any excesses on Muslims & will submit reports which will be put in parliament which will take stern actions against culprits. That will guarantee that. ” Jinnah: Who will nominate members of tribunal ? Gandhi: Parliament. Jinnah: Members mostly will be of whose choice ? Gandhi: Govt. Jinnah: Tribunal will make reports according to whose choice, Congress or ML ? Will reports be neutral perfectly or favour Congress ? Even if those are neutral, who will take actions according to that after voting in parliament ? Definitely Congress which will have 75 % seats & Muslim League will have only 25 %. That means, Congress can reject that(tribunal recommendations) in voting too with brutal majority & no action will be taken afterwards against non-Muslim usurpers, oppressors, repressors & suppressors & the matter will remain unaddressed because the tribunal will have only recommendatory status, NOT having any enforcing power of high court or supreme court type. And that too was going to happen when ML gets proportional representation which too was not guaranteed. So, nothing will change. Jinnah demanded that the to be made tribunal would have enforcing powers of high court or supreme court level. That was rejected outright by Congress & Gandhiji. Gandhiji ke usoolon ki langot baad-e mukhalif ke jhonke mein ur gayee. Jinnah asked Gandhi as: “Why does not Gandhi declare openly that he represents Hindus only by serving their fascist agenda & wearing the yoke of secularism for hoodwinking Muslims at large ? His tribunal idea is a big bluff for hoodwinking Muslims completely.” See, even today, India’s ‘Minority Commission’s status is that much weak having no enforcing power & is of biased chamchas (stooges) nominated by ruling party only. That proved Jinnah’s doubts & apprehensions CORRECT with time. By this solid logic, deep legal argumentative skill & smashing advocacy, he exposed Gandhiji’s interiors & called him a crooked Hindu Baniya. That solid logical advocacy out of his sharp brain demolished all hollow principles of secularism of Congress & forced British power masters too to consider that point seriously despite all odds against ML. Clearly, Jinnah the genius, could see most horrible & disastrous  future of Muslims in free united India well in advance by his mind’s eyes & took up appropriate steps of partition plan firmly, not budging by any other weaker argument at all. That logic only crippled all oppositions & compelled all to concede partition demand because that had no answer at all as a better alternative. Definitely, Gandhi was fooling Muslims & knew well that after freedom, none would listen to him. Super intelligent Jinnah of extraordinary mental ability & very high IQ, anticipated that well in advance by his legal understanding & top advocacy skill & took steps for solidly preventing worst disasters ahead. He actually, followed basic safety science principle by adopting safety strategy such that chances of any disaster in form of  communalism as discrimination or otherwise(killing, destruction & other harming tricks by non-Muslims) is eliminated before arrival(safety FIRST & ABOVE everything else). A good planner must anticipate all disasters well in advance & take up all appropriate preventive steps for killing/preventing the same, otherwise, he is not a good planner. So, he defended his logical point fully well in those days’ circumstances. His grandson Nusli Wadia, an industrialist, openly says that his grandfather did everything correct in those days’ prevailing circumstances & he has no regret for the same now. If any Muslim says that in India now, that is sure to be put behind bars. That point mostly mattered for surety of partition. This thing is never taught in Indian history text books to students & is deliberately eliminated. All only negative points of Jinnah are highlighted(Indian culture: unbalanced & biased mindset & habits of mostly fascists, never honest & just). Only after reaching M. A.  level education, students come to  know the detailed realities. Full details are not taught. One sided half or partly cooked stories are taught/presented. I’ve read ‘Partition Papers(14 volumes)’ published in late 90s by Great Britain. We know correct information in finer detail. Some of stupid Indians of trivial partial knowledge cannot fool all. Of course, knowledgeable good Indians do not talk everything one sided & unbalanced like rightist fascists.  I hope, now Muslims only will not be blamed for India’s partition. Now, every Kashmiri is saying that had partition not taken place, people of 4 states of Pakistan & Bangladesh too would have suffered greatly as Kashmiri Muslims are made to suffer in the DISPUTED TERRITORY(UNCIP Resolution dt. 21 April 1948). Of course, partition plan was a human plan, not God made, an imperfect one having so many drawbacks & human mistakes/errors too, not at all ideal solution. False egos of imperfect & selfish leaders of Cong. & ML did the disastrous show at the end. Bigotry based jingoism in mentalities of Indians public at large is being created in brain washing manner by Indian private TV channels forgetting the saying: Patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels(Samuel Johnson on 7-4-1775). TV channels, war hysteria creators, are increasing number of likeminded scoundrels, not even having common sense. Matter is debatable, not final. Experts of respective fields may correct with authentic references but none turned up so far. Thank You!

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