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Kashmiri Pundits vs. Local Muslims



Kashmiri Pundits vs. Local Muslims
Only 219 Kashmiri pundits were killed since 21 st January 1990 & Indian army of RSS mentality there has killed 3,00,000 Muslims so far & not less than 50,000 Muslims were thrown out of their houses from the valley. None is talking about that. There were less than 1,00,000 Pundits in the valley in 1990. More people die in accidents in entire India every year, as said by Smt. Indira Gandhi in 1984 too to Pundits organization(Sunday Mail 11 July 1993). All were expelled by the then governor Jagmohan’s orders so that every shot of army’s gun kills Muslims only.
In 1947, Jammu was full of communal riots started in July by lakhs of RSS, Hindu Mahasabha & Akali Sikh armed goondas sent from Indian Punjab which ran till November killing 8 lakh Muslims(6 lakh alone on 6 th November 1947) & 5 lakh were thrown towards Pakistan. UNSC passed a resolution dated 5 th January 1949 in para 6 that they must be returned & their captured houses to be vacated by Punjabis intruded from India. They were EXPELLED 43 YEARS BEFORE PUNDITS IN 1990. First, those BONA FIDE CITIZENS of JAMMU MUSLIMS(now 30 lakh, in Pakistan , having NO NATIONALITY) must be returned & AFTER THEIR RETURN, 43 years time gap must be given & after that gap only Pundits may be returned.
Before outbreak of 1965 War Indian army in Kashmir burnt hundreds of houses in Batmaloo, Srinagar & expelled 1,36,000 Muslims of Kashmir towards Azad Kashmir(NEW YORK TIMES 15 th August 1965). After ceasefire too they were NEVER allowed to return to their homes, EXPELLED 25 YEARS BEFORE PUNDITS IN 1990. Why does not Pundit community raise any voice about them or they are selfish or anti Muslim communal by nature.
Demands must not be selective. Read the good book of Indian researchers, published from Delhi: Modern History of Kashmir by Dr. Aggarwal & Agrawal.
Also read the book: Kashmir In Crucible by Pundit Premnath Bazaz. If justice is not done for those expelled Kashmiri Muslims, guns may come back in the valley. No Pundit should be allowed to return till those cases are settled as per UN Resolutions in the DISPUTED STATE, NEVER a part of India at all, LEGALLY. Pundits’ every family migrated out has already made spacious houses in all metro cities of India, getting salaries & other allowances on false grounds, every family got not less than 15 crore rupees as compensation & are still barking for more money, aid & free land. No, nothing doing, nothing must be done for those LEECHES, PARASITES, shameless Muslims’ BLOOD SUCKERS, criminals, crooks, communal, conspirators against local Muslims, chor, daku, haram khor, lutere(plunderers), cunning, exploiters, brainless, of zero IQ, useless, worthless, burden on locals everywhere, beggars, shameless blood suckers. Kashmiri Pundit girls are doing call girls & prostitution business in hotels of Jammu, Chandigarh & Delhi voluntarily & earning well. Why will they go back ? Local Muslims of Kashmir say that they had badly spoiled the atmosphere by prostitution everywhere at every level, in schools, colleges, by students & Pundit teachers & it was good that they left. No such dirty culture of them must return the valley again so that Muslims can follow Islam fully, without any obstacle & dirt & filth of Hinduism. Pundits exploited & tortured Muslims during Dogra Raj(1846-1947). All accounts must be settled & every family benefited by that be severely punished. Before that, none must be allowed to return. Yahoo is selective & highly biased in reporting.

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