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Denmark| in the mirror of past and present

A land of happy people
12th part

Danish in the mirror of
past and present

Tariq Mirza, Sydney

When I left the hotel at nine o’clock in the morning, the sun was shining brightly. The weather was very pleasant and the atmosphere was calm. As usual I was wearing only shirt and trousers while everyone around me was dressed in jackets, sweaters and coats etc. which is why I did not understand. Because I was not feeling cold۔
۔ The Grenade Hotel was located on the busy Ester Brogade Highway. Every time I left, I walked east towards the center station. A few minutes later, on the other side of the road, I saw Espresso House, and my steps stopped there. The main reason for staying here for breakfast was its charming atmosphere. In its halls, balconies and courtyards were its beautifully decorated tables.
Small blankets were folded on the backs of the chairs. Inside the hall was a pleasant warmth of wood fires. The colors and designs of the chairs and sofas were different and the seating style was unique. The seats were decorated in a classical style by a decorator.
The second reason was that the cafes were full of black and white jinns who were quietly having breakfast in this romantic atmosphere. Some were sitting around the dining tables. Some of the house-style sofas were crowded and there was breakfast on the coffee table in front. Some were sitting in the sun at the same time enjoying breakfast, colorful atmosphere and vibrancy.
I also went to the counter, ordered breakfast, paid, and sat down at a table in the balcony with a hand-numbered flag. When breakfast was ready, the waiter found me with the help of the number on the flag. The young Danish lady was dripping with the juice of youth from her red cheeks.
His repentant white body was boiling with a tight pants shirt. There was a smile on his face, on his face, on his cheeks, and on his limbs. The aroma of the fragrant coffee offered with this sweet smile became immortal. I had a boiled egg sandwich and coffee. The sand was also delicious. But the cafe’s cafe was still there.
As soon as he took me captive, Spresso House also had branches in Sweden and Norway. So I couldn’t get out of the coffee cafe of this cafe for as long as I stayed in Scandinavia. Although it was very expensive. Elsewhere, coffee was available at lower rates than men. But over time, I have become accustomed to coffee. I do not drink more than twice a day and drink only good and handmade food. Mechanical and general fees do not come down my throat. Unlike coffee, I drink as often as I want because it is lying in our lap.
We Pakistanis do not open our eyes until we have a cup or two of tea. They spend the whole day without eating, but not an hour without tea. Some people do not eat at regular intervals for the sake of saving. But they drink so much tea throughout the day that they can eat instead. But that’s where it comes in.
You can live without food, not tea. There is so much tea in offices, shops, hotels, motels and homes that it seems we can do nothing but drink tea. If you go to someone’s house or even office, you are not allowed to go without tea.
It is not enough for the guest to come home and feed and drink whatever he wants. At one time in the countryside, people used to drink milk and lassi.
Nowadays, if food, milk, lassi, syrup, etc. are offered in the service of the guest and the tea is not asked, it will be considered rude. If the tea is offered as it is, then the right to table is paid. The guests are also happy and the tableware also avoids the hassle of milk, yogurt, lassi and syrup.
Milk, yogurt is becoming popular in Pakistan anyway. Instead, the tea-whitening solution is common. It was not frozen when pure milk with an upper layer was frozen in large glasses and served to guests. This pure milk has been replaced by Whitner of Nestl. Only the color of the tea is white. God bless you.
When it comes to tea, let us also tell our Pakistani readers that the way tea is made and cooked in our pots, is by the Europeans who are familiar with tea. Aya was unfamiliar with this method
If they are shown our truckloads of dumplings, which are cooked in the same pan all day long, then the fourteen layers of cows will be enlightened. It is a pure invention of the Indo-Pak subcontinent which is not prevalent anywhere else in the world.
Even today, the English put a tea bag in hot water and drink it sometimes with milk and sometimes without it. Thus the intoxication which the English had enlightened us with, is deepening. While they themselves are living on light but semi-cooked raw tea. Poor blondes
I was just drunk when Muhammad or Sen’s phone rang. After salutations, he said, ”
I said, “No program yet.”
They said, “Then get ready.” I’ll pick you up soon. We will go for Friday prayers. ”
I am happy Because I was in a dilemma about today’s program. Secondly, there was an opportunity to offer Friday prayers during the journey.
After breakfast I wandered around. It was the centerpiece of Pin Hagen, where the same ancient buildings stood tall. This series of five-story brick and commercial buildings, made of red bricks, went a long way. I walked about two kilometers on this highway.
The same red brick building on either side of the highway, shops below it, shops on footpaths and bicycle rides, cafes, restaurants, stores, florists, fruit stalls, touches. There are three small parks with wooden benches between the trees, flowers and grass. Everything was beautiful and impressive, but looking at these buildings it felt like I was in the nineteenth century.
There were no modern, colorful, glassy, ​​white or black buildings. There were just bricks that looked like a tall Fuji barracks. There is no diversity in them. There is no innovation. The twenty-first is not even the twentieth century.
The Danish style of architecture is very old and can be found in its ancient monuments. Its origins date back to the Middle Ages (the period between the fifth and fifteenth centuries in Europe is called the Middle Ages). When the decline of Roman civilization began, the modern The river Fat has begun. The earliest influences on Danish architecture were Roman civilization and construction.
The Gothic style of construction then became popular throughout Scandinavia. This was the period when stone and brick were used in construction. Initially, it collapsed and houses and forts were built. Built of surkhsht and tarashidh stone, such ruined houses and forts are visible in the dimensions of Denmark.
۔ During the reigns of Frederick II and Karin Chauhar, Dutch and French architects were invited to Denmark. Their main task was to make the battle forts better and more modern. But we also built buildings and palaces for them. Under the influence of these European architects, the use of wood along with stone became common in the construction of houses and other buildings.
In the same vein, during the reign of Sachin IV, the process of building magnificent houses made of the finest wood, precious stones and other high-quality materials collected from all over the world began which spread to the big cities. From there it spread to towns and villages.
The modern architectural style of architecture began with the French architecture, which was later adopted to some extent by the Danish architecture. The combination of ancient Danish architecture and modern European style laid the foundation for a style of architecture that is proud and unique to Danish.
The National Reomanitic Style was adopted in the 19th and 20th centuries. However, the Danish style of construction continued to advance, until in 1959, they introduced to the world a new and unique style of construction, which was called (Functionalim).
Accordingly, each building can be constructed according to its needs and uses, according to different textures and patterns. Under this principle, the Danish masters gained international prestige by constructing cities such as the Sydney Opera House and the Great Belt Bridge.
O Parahouse Sydney, ie, this wonderful building of my city, I would like to say that the mother of Sydney, this Jhummar, in the heart of the city, on the shores of the sea, From the point of view of just looking, just keep looking.
The human intellect is stunned to see its beauty and its beauty amazes man. Millions of tourists from all over the world come to see this wonder. Between Hussain and Jamil Qadrati Manazar and adjacent to the city, this butterfly-like building is surrounded by blue water on three sides.
On the left side, along with the sea strip, there is a very attractive and lush green park. Behind it is the Botonical Garden where there are thousands of varieties of trees and plants. Standing on the dry land in front of the opera house, you have a view of the beach on the left, and in front of it, the identity of Sydney, or even Australia, is famous and famous. The bridge is visible.
The breathtaking views of the other side of this ocean strip are also clearly visible. This opera from Sydney is the work of Jorn Utzon, a Danish architect. At the age of thirty-eight, Joanne was only thirty-eight years old when she was awarded the International Architect Award for designing an opera house, and no one knew her before. But this is enough for him to make his name in history and to live forever.
Thus the Danish architects and their architects have an international reputation. The way in which the cities and towns of Denmark have been settled and the way in which their buildings have been arranged are worthy of imitation to the world.
Even today, when I look at these centuries-old buildings in Pinhagen and the wide streets between them, I can’t help but be moved by their foresight. Centuries ago, when these buildings were built, there were not so many cars and not so many people. Yet to salute the rulers of this nation and their contemporaries, seeing the durability of the roads and sidewalks, water, electricity and gas combined underground management and buildings. Yes i wanted
However, for most of the year, there is severe cold, rain and snowfall. Roads, sidewalks, and public spaces are still usable, even after continuous storms, snowfall, and sunrises. Goods and services are available. This nation has not only learned to live with these harsh seasons but has subjugated it to its own.
These seasons do not interfere with any of their work and the people live a happy life not only because of the enviable management of education, health, Russell Versailles but also because they are happier than the rest of the world. Being a nation, she is saying that if you want to live, then live like us.
Other northern European countries, such as Sweden, Norway and Finland, have similarly new seasons. Victory has been won and the people are not allowed to reach any place due to severe weather.
Now imagine what would happen if there was such a severe weather, such a snowfall in a country like dear country Pakistan. If six months of the year the temperature goes below minus and in December January below minus forty, houses, streets, roads, roofs, offices, fields, fields, snow cover, six months What will happen to the people if the shape of the sun is not seen?
۔ What will be the situation of daily life, messengers, messengers, death, work, medical treatment, education, self-reliance and construction and development? How many people will survive in these harsh weather with these houses and these facilities and how many will be sacrificed for it. In such poverty and headlessness, how many people are living in these ten heads.
What a wonderful way to screw people over and get their day off. Roads become rivers. Water seeps into homes. The villages come under water. In the same way, how many people become dear to Allah even in summer.
When it rains, they get cholera and other contagious diseases. We can’t control dengue, malaria or polio. If there is such a severe headache, rain and snow for seven or eight months, then the result is horror.
It is heartbreaking to see such high governments in such a region of the world, such good governance, so much happiness and so much mismanagement, poverty, scarcity of resources and people in two regions of the same world. The heart cries tears of blood when it sees people’s Christmas۔
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