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Denmark| In the dormitories of kings

,A Land Of happy People


part 21

In the dormitories of kings

Tariq Mahmood Mirza

Take it! We arrived at Amalien borg, the most famous place in Denmark,
the royal palace.
Fortunately, parking was found in an alley near the palace.
Ten minutes from there we stood in the vast courtyard between the palaces, the center of the world’s oldest kingdom.
There were no obstacles or checkpoints on the way to the palace.
No police or security was seen.
However, in front of the palace, a contingent of guards in strange uniforms, like our band members, was less interested in security and more in public interest and photography.
۔ There were four identical palaces around the spacious courtyard where we stood on the uneven stone floor. Hundreds of tourists were strolling in the sun in the courtyard.
From the middle of the palaces, the blue water of the sea strip behind it shone in the sun.
On the other side of the strip, the mirror image of the magnificent Copenhagen Opera House was dazzling.
This is the same opera house I saw on my first day in Denmark. The OPera House was one of the few modern buildings I’ve ever seen in Copenhagen.

In contrast to this modern and magnificent opera house, the royal palaces are ordinary buildings in spite of their ancient architecture, charming windows, magnificent arched doors and fine carvings.
There is not much difference between these palaces and the other ancient buildings seen in the city. They do not have any unusual textures and decorations.
But we see in the courtyard a magnificent statue of King Frederick and his white horse, eye-catching colors of window panes, magnificent sculptures on the foreheads of palaces, magnificent arched doors, red walls, sloping ceilings, black tiles, and between them Attached to the centuries-old wood-burning fireplaces used in the palaces,
the ancient structural poles in the courtyard and the oblique lanterns hanging on them were the center of attraction for tourists. The royal gardens are behind these palaces.
These simple buildings have dignity, historical attraction, durability, spaciousness and, above all, the color of the people’s devotion and love for their royal family.

This residence of the royal family, the items they use, their clothes, their interest in hobbies, is actually due to their love and devotion to the royal family.
This family acknowledges the services of their country and people.
If this devotion is deducted, then nothing is placed in this door and wall. These are just stone walls.
The intensity of the emotions has filled it with colors that are a source of attraction and pride for the people.
That is why people from far and near are drawn here

Here we take a quick look at the history and services of the Danish royal family. His people love the Danish royal family.
The Danish people are proud that it is one of the oldest kingdoms in the world.
The reign of the present Queen Margaret II has been over a thousand years. The kingdom dates back to the Viking Era.
The influence of this dynasty extended not only to Denmark but to the whole region.

Denmark is home to royal family buildings, palaces, churches, castles, walls, royal artefacts and other historical objects and places that are the focus of public attention, interest and devotion.
In modern times, when democracy is in vogue in Denmark and other Europe, and the monarchy is no more,
the people still cherish the royal family,
their formal monarchy, their symbols.
Due to love and devotion to the royal family.
The royal family has also adapted to the times and circumstances.

They cannot directly intervene in the government but the members of the royal family serve the country and the nation through diplomacy, welfare, education and social work.
Thus, their existence is not a burden on the people but useful۔

The current queen is over seventy years old. Her crown prince is her son Prince Frederick. Interestingly, Prince Frederick is married to a woman from the Australian state of Tasmania who is now called Princess Mary.
So Australians are right to say that their nation’s daughter is a princess and future queen. Otherwise Australia.

This was impossible in the absence of the royal family. Last year, Prince Frederick’s fiftieth birthday was celebrated all over Denmark.
More than 70,000 Danes celebrated his birthday with their Crown Prince. Every year on 16th April,
the Queen stands on the balcony of the palace on her birthday and responds to the devotion and love of the people by waving her hand.

From the devotion of the people,
it seems that there is no threat to the existence of the royal family in the future as well.

Raja Ghafoor and I entered the palace with tickets to peek into the private lives of the kings and to inspect their living conditions.
What was done inside the palace reached the royal period of centuries ago.

These palaces, which looked simple on the outside,
were beautifully decorated on the inside and full of interest.
Doors, windows, ceilings, chandeliers were all unique.

The carvings on the doors and walls, the masterpieces of handicrafts,
the masterpieces of the world-renowned painters, sculptors and sculptors,
and the most elaborate beds, chairs, tables and other ornaments made of rare wood were such that,
I was looking at each object with great interest.

The natural scenery on the wall made me feel like I was in a Danish valley.

Doors, windows, skylights, fireplaces were all examples.
On either side of the aisle hung vivid portraits of kings and queens of different periods of the royal family.
If I looked at them carefully, it would seem that they are alive and well and will speak now.
I even tried to talk to one or two of them,
but they probably didn’t understand Urdu so they just kept smiling and refrained from saying anything.
We are also the kings of our time so we forgave them and moved on.

The floors were beautifully carved,
and the ceilings were engraved with vines as if they had been planted with natural leaves and flowers.

The flowers,
the bowls,
the petals,
hand fans,
various weapons,
crowns، Hundreds of years old but the best tables,
and other royal utensils were kept as the king visited.

Be a bringer and use them as soon as you arrive
The decoration of these rooms also gave an idea of ​​the magnificent mood of the king who lived in this room.
The most decorated decoration in the living room.
There were long curtains of velvet and gold.
Its chandeliers were very elegant,
the carpets were as soft as cotton, and the pictures were as beautiful as the chairs.
There are wooden fireplaces in every room and hall.

One room contained the Queen’s handicrafts, including embroidered and embroidered tablecloths, handkerchiefs, handmade tigers, bears, and more. “Our queen is a very simple-minded and housewife,”
said the woman who led the tour.
She does most of the housework herself and even cooks most of the food herself.
They make such handicrafts, embroideries and decorative items in their spare time.
Their way of life, food and clothing is so simple that there is no difference between them and ordinary housewives.
But we wear royal attire at official and formal occasions. People love their simple-minded queen. “

Ancient swords, armor, guns and bows and arrows hung on the walls were also a tourist attraction.
Instead of a carpet under a dining table,
there was a white lion’s skin.
The lion’s skin was removed with such skill that the whole lion felt like lying on the floor.

Seeing his steady mouth, open eyes, jaw, pointed teeth,
it seemed that he would be attacked now.

Looking at the pictures of kings of different eras and
their families in the royal museum,
it seemed to me that I was watching a movie.
Was estimated.
Looking at Frederick VI’s photographs, his favorite books,
and his musical instruments,
it was clear that he had a keen interest in music
and the nautical sciences.
Looking at this pictorial history,
it was also revealed that this royal family of Denmark,
which is considered to be the father of royal families in Europe,
was interested in arranging the weddings of princes in the royal families of different countries.
So in this family six princesses from different countries of the world got married.
In the same museum, a model of the royal palace was kept with great beauty, skill and sophistication.
The pattern was so complete that all the doors and walls,
skylights and bricks looked original.
Assuming the thousand-year history of the Danish monarchy is preserved in this museum.
Seeing this, man gets lost in the confusion of the past.

I too, hundreds of years ago,
was so engrossed in the monarchy, their way of governing,
their way of life,
their livelihood and their hobbies that there was no consciousness around them.
It seemed that I was part of that era.
Be a part of this palace.
Now a king or queen will come before me. It was a different world. Stunning, past-connected, illusory and dreamy world.
Man cannot come here , without getting lost in these dreams.
Suddenly someone put his hand on my shoulder and
I was shocked.
“Where are you missing? I have given so many voices.
” Raja Ghafoor said looking into my eyes.
I shook my head.
“I arrived in the world centuries ago.”
“Let’s take you to today’s world,” said Raja Sahib

When we go out,
the bright and shining sun of the 21st century brings us from the past to the present,
which is better than the past anyway.
The number of tourists in the courtyard had increased,
as the change of guards
was,  ”expected”
in a few minutes.
Raja Ghafoor knew that, this so he brought me out.
The scene of the change of guards was interesting.
Not long ago,
I witnessed a change of royal guards at Buckingham Palace in London.
The two had a lot in common.
The audience applauded and applauded the parade, the change of contingent, their colorful uniforms,
their mechanized style. We left this house of kings.

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