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Denmark| The bridge

A land of happy people
5th part

The bridge that connects
the two countries

Tariq Mirza, Sydney

There was a multi-story car park in front of the airport building. The road passes through the middle. When I left the airport with my luggage in my car, the sun was shining brightly on all sides. The roads were almost empty in the morning. That’s because the Easter weekend has begun.
Due to the five-day holiday from Thursday to Monday, people went out to celebrate the holidays. I could not meet some friends because of these holidays. With so many vacations in these countries, it is almost impossible for people to stay at home.

They plan several months in advance where to spend the holidays. The journey is usually to small towns, beaches and scenic spots. This is how big cities seem to be empty for a few days or are inhabited by tourists like us.
Leaving the airport, we headed in the opposite direction to the city. At a short distance, the clear blue water of the sea was seen shining in the rays of the sun.

As we approached, it was difficult to decide whether it was the sea or a calm lake. Because its surface was as smooth as ice. Although it was not. This deep sea connects Sweden and Denmark and is frequented by ships and boats. Located between Denmark and Sweden, the sea is called Oresund, which further joins the Baltic Sea.
We were standing in a vast and charming park on the beach. Hussein was a senator at the time, despite the scenery. There were only two cars parked in the car park.

Their owners were working out on the beach. Standing on a high place, we saw a lush green park, a sea of ​​crystal clear water and a wonderful employment bridge over the sea.
In fact, Ramzan Sahib had brought me here to show me this moment. The longest bridge connects Copenhagen, Denmark, and Malmمو, Sweden. This road connecting two cities, or even two countries, is not just a bridge, but an incredible masterpiece of architecture consisting of bridges, artificial islands and underwater tunnels.

Seeing this, man is compelled to give free rein to the minds and hands of those who have created it. The bridge starts in the direction of Copenhagen and runs for eight kilometers like a land highway over the sea. An artificial island was then created under the sea, and from there an underwater tunnel begins which leads to Malmo.
The sea route that carries motorways, rail and other traffic is so wide, so long and so durable that one is amazed to see it. How it was built in the deep sea and how much it would have cost, was unimaginable.

There is a total of 16 km long sea route, which was started by the joint efforts of Denmark and Sweden in the year 7 and reached its foundation in the year 9.
Standing inside the park on the beach, we saw the bridge, the traffic flowing on it, the blue sea and the skylights. It was a beautiful combination of nature’s ingenuity and man’s effort. Who was both beautiful and unforgettable.
The weather was very pleasant. However, the effects of the fading winter on the Danes remained. While I was enjoying the summer in Australia. So I didn’t wear anything over my shirt, while my friend Ramzan Rafiq was wearing a heavy jacket.

This remained the case for two days. I walked around in trouser shirts while the people around me were wearing warm jackets and coats.
The next evening I also started feeling cold. So on the third day, like everyone else, I was wrapped in a warm jacket.
Like the memories of the past days, the past seasons also remain ingrained in human beings for a long time. Even new scenes, new memories and new seasons gradually take their place and old memories are kept in a safe place like the clothes of the past season. Then, when the spring of autumn falls in the autumn, old memories are remembered by old friends as old clothes are remembered as winter comes.

As we walked back to the beach and the Orissa Bridge, the scene filled my heart. The scenes, the memories that lure me, those moments occupy my heart and mind. Today, four months later, as I am writing these lines, these scenes are unfolding before me as they were on the first day.
In any case, the traveler must have the advantage that as long as the beautiful scenes and interesting observations are written, his heart and mind remain as fresh as the first day.

The reason for this is that in order to cover these scenes in writing, one has to repeatedly decorate the mind and heart like a picture so that it can be depicted. This process has to be repeated again and again until the itinerary is completed. Even these scenes are etched on the mind forever. When he wanted to, he bowed his head like a friend and looked at them.
From the beach we went straight to Ramzan Rafiq’s restaurant, which is open to customers only in the evening. When Ramzan Sahib opened it, last night’s party was full of leftover birthday items like cakes, drinks and other items. Ramzan Sahib said

Feel free to comment. What to eat and drink?
I said looking at the tables. None of them.
Ramzan Sahib said. I’m not talking about them. You order everything will be fresh.
I sat down at an empty table and said, “Tea, it’s homemade.” If you don’t mind.
Oh yes! Have your own restaurant. Everything is possible. Parathas and lassi can also be prepared.
Ramzan Rafique said touching his mustache.
thanks so much! But I don’t need it. I’ve had breakfast on the plane.

Ramzan Rafiq made really good tea. After a good night’s tea, we set off for Copenhagen.
Before leaving, I lightened some of the books from my suitcase. The books were brought from Australia to Denmark for the ceremony, which was being held at the same restaurant this evening. Milestone publishers in Sweden and Norway delivered the books directly.

Shortly afterwards we were parking in the spacious car park of the Danish National Opera House in downtown Copenhagen. The parking lot and surroundings seemed empty because of the Easter holiday. The building of the Opera House in Copenhagen, a city of ancient buildings, is modern and magnificent. It cost more than کروڑ 500 million to build.
It has six different halls, in which different shows can be held simultaneously. The large balconies that come out of it make it unique. The Opera House is located on Holman Island in central Copenhagen.

Adjacent to this famous Danish building is the sea strip, on the other side of the strip stand the royal palaces, royal churches and other historic buildings.
We would stand on the beach, sometimes looking at the crowd on Copenhagen’s forehead, and sometimes looking up at the church and the royal palace, talking to the sky. Conversing with the blue waters, this wonderful building was captivating. Its design is unique, its decoration is unique and its architecture is unique.

Its charming blue-glazed windows protrude from all sides, awe-inspiring ceilings and doors, its spaciousness and its uniqueness made it one of the most modern, beautiful and grand opera houses in the world. I was impressed by the charming and magnificent design of the Danish National Opera House.
The opera house was donated by the AP Mرller Foundation to the Government of Denmark in 1989. After additional renovations, it was inaugurated in the presence of AP Mرller, the Danish Prime Minister, and Queen Margaret II. Since then, this magnificent opera house has not only been the center of art, culture, music and drama in Copenhagen, but also the center of attraction and interest of tourists.

Like Oslo and Stockholm, Copenhagen also has a wide range of sea branches. The city is located on the shores of these tributaries.
These branches not only enhance its beauty but are also a means of transportation. Despite being located inside the city, the sea is very deep. Proof of this are the large ships anchored in front of the Opera House.

In addition to these giant ships, small boats and high-speed motorboats can be seen floating on the clear blue water. On the other side of this strip are also residential and government buildings.
The most notable of these are the royal palace and the royal church which I later got a chance to see. Copenhagen felt like a historic, interesting and unique city. It is the most important city in Northern Europe. Its history is very interesting. This history is scattered all over Copenhagen. Before visiting Copenhagen or even another interesting place in Denmark, Christiana, let me tell you some interesting facts about Denmark and its inhabitants. (Continued in the next episode)

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