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Denmark| The beach and marble

A land of happy people
15th part

Bright body carved from
the beach and marble

Tariq Mirza, Sydney

It was five o’clock in the evening. The sun used to set in this region around eight o’clock in those days. We crossed the road and entered the vast park with sea views as well as grass, plants, trees, flowers and soft sunshine.

Several families were having picnics in the park in groups. They lit coal-burning stoves and cooked and ate. The majority of them were of Arab descent. Passing through the park, we reached the sandy beach. Due to the cold weather there were no swimmers at that time.
However, many men and women, at least in their clothes, were enjoying a sunbathing on the sand. Nasr Malik said. As the heat intensifies, the rush on these beaches will increase. Even in June-July, there is no place for Til Dhar here.

This white sand is covered with white and golden bodies. The long bodies on this natural sand are also in natural clothing. This is how the sand and the body merge into one another. The sun’s rays make the scene brighter. The waves of the sea rise and see these golden bodies. She tickles them and makes fun of them.
Tahir Adeel said amused. You painted a poetic picture.
An age has passed appreciating the ingenuity of nature.
Malik Sahib said as if he was a ghazal singer. This is what poets call it.
I was standing between two poets and a poetic scene at that moment. The waves were still. It seemed like a dream come true. Later I noticed that the seas in this region are very gentle and lazy. They do not have the rapid flooding that is characteristic of other seas.
Even so, it was not an open sea but a seashore surrounded by settlements on both sides. We were surrounded by the coastal settlements of Denmark and Sweden. People on both sides were easily crossed by boats, planes, trains and cars. There is no obstacle in their way.

Seeing such harmony between neighboring countries in Europe and such ease in mutual travel and presence reminds me of a sad story that was recently aired on BBC. The story is about several families hanging between two neighboring countries.
The story begins with the Pak-India war of 1971 in which India captured a few Pakistani villages in Baltistan. Muhammad Iqbal, a resident of one of these villages, was then serving in the Pakistan Army and stationed in Skardu.

It was during the war that he was informed that his village had been occupied by India. Muhammad Iqbal’s parents, wife, sister and other relatives were present in this village. Muhammad Iqbal tried hard but could not return to his village and his family could never come to Pakistan. For some time Muhammad Iqbal had no idea whether his father, mother, wife and sister were alive or not.
Similarly, Muhammad Iqbal’s dignitaries and relatives were completely unaware of it. Finally, through the radio, Muhammad Iqbal was informed that his family members were alive and well. They still could not be contacted directly.

His own village is not far from the village where Muhammad Iqbal resides in Baltistan but in between there is a noisy river and guns and cannons.
When Muhammad Iqbal’s wife heard that her spouse was alive, she became anxious to reach him. When he couldn’t find a way, he jumped into the river. The fast flowing river from the heights of the mountains gave Muhammad Iqbal’s thirteen year old calf wife to his beloved across the border but in a dead condition.

Muhammad Iqbal saw his wife’s body and recognized her in an instant. He picked up his wife’s khaki body in his hands and buried it with his own hands in the Holy Land.
Muhammad Iqbal could not meet his mother after 5 years. He had a picture of his mother, which he kept looking at and remembering his mother. On the other hand, his mother also suffered till the end in the separation of her son but died without seeing the form of her son. Now there is Muhammad Iqbal’s sister in that village who always remembers her brother. But she can come across and neither can Muhammad Iqbal go beyond and meet his calf sister for forty seven years. However, the distance between the two villages is only a few miles. But due to the enmity between the two countries, it has become centuries apart

In one region of the world there is such a deep line between human beings and in another region of the same world Europe you can go to the neighboring country to drink tea. What a difference in their lives.
Once again we were on our way to Halsingor on the coastal highway. The sun was falling on our right side on the other side of the ocean. When its golden rays fell on the colorful boats, they reflected colors like a rainbow. On either side of the highway are the houses of the Danish princes, on the left a plain and on the slopes agricultural and cattle farms, orchards, groves of trees, cows, sheep and horses grazing and clear blue skies and flying birds Were part of.

Trees, greenery and water were prominent in all these scenes. It was also the water of the sea which was as clear as glass. On our left side the water of canals, rivers and lakes was shining on the agricultural land. These waters have not only kept the land of Denmark green and lush, but have been adding four moons to its beauty.
Life on earth and its beauty is due to water. This is due to the greenery, the trees, the plants, the forest, the sports fields, the fruits, the plants, the vegetables and the weeds like the carpets on the ground. Wherever this blessing of God is abundant, there are colorful views of nature, swaying flowers, delicious fruits and commodities which are essential for human health and life. It is as if water is the lifeblood of the world. Where there is no water, life is extinct.

On the advice of Malik Nasr, Tahir Adeel stopped the car at one place. There were hundreds of boats on the beach. Between them we sat in a cafe over the sea. We were not inside the restaurant, but on the chairs on the deck above the sea. Where there was less sunshine and more frost.
But the view of the sea and our smoking prevented us from sitting inside. Our party was already so colorful that the arrival of an infidel waitress made it even more colorful. The intoxication of youth was felt dripping from the limbs of this heady beauty with the melody of the flour, the redness of the apple and the trick of the peacock.

Tahir Adeel was a good young man, Nasr Malik was also looking at the carved marble body without blinking his eyes. Waves of praise were circulating in his eyes and ghazal poems were circulating in his mind which were to be recited to us after his departure. Because at that time, all three of us were looking at the menu, but also the one bringing the menu.
There was a conversation in Danish and English which was trying to be prolonged. The fairy was also enjoying the colorful atmosphere and the beautiful poem. Smiles and cheers were emanating from her limbs. She smiled, smiled, smiled, and talked about the cafe’s food. She was accustomed to compliments and compliments and was amused by them.

After further consultation, ice cream, cake and coffee were ordered. After that, it was prayed that the fulfillment of the order would be in the hands of the same Hasina. But where all prayers are accepted at once. After a while, a male waiter came with the required items and we all made a face as if the cake had turned bitter without being tasted. He was serving with a poor smile while our eyes were fixed on the door of the cafe behind him so that maybe a glimpse of him could be seen.

She did not return, she was mentioned. After drinking coffee and Zikr Rukh Yar, we got up from there and entered the cafe to get his syrup under the pretext of saying goodbye. She said goodbye with a wave of her hand and smiling eyes, but the middle-aged manager of the cafe came out to say goodbye to us.
After another half hour drive, we reached Helsingborg, a small but historic town in the northeastern corner of Denmark. The concept of small towns in European countries is different from the small towns of Pakistan. In countries like Europe and Australia, small towns are like big villages.

Despite all the civic amenities, the color of the countryside stands out. Instead of rushing to the big cities, life seems to be at a standstill. Fewer people are seen on the streets, in markets and in public places. Shops and markets close in the evening.
After that there is silence and desolation in the whole town. Even in this modern age, the way of life in these villages and towns is centuries old and traditional.

I have spent a lot of time in many such villages. If there is fifty percent natural environment during the day, then there is one hundred percent natural rule at night. The streets are deserted, the machines are silent, every silence is silent. People rarely go out of their houses after dark. Occasionally there is the sound of a passing car. Otherwise, nothing is heard except the sound of crows and hawks. The stars shine in the sky as if the sky is approaching. Summer nights are also cold because of the open air. This is how nature appears in its original form.
That is what they want.

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