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Biblical things|کتابی باتیں

Biblical things

My son, it is very important to read good books to know and follow the guidelines for living a good life.
How do you get rid of clutter you don’t need?
Spend your free time in a profitable way.
I will give you a book of sayings of some saints and chosen servants of Allah.
When you read such books you will understand the meaning of life and when you follow their words and follow in their footsteps then you will realize its beauty and importance.
That is the true meaning of burning up of bad psychic imprints.
The son bowed his head and said, “All right, Baba.”
You will bring me the book. I will read

The next day the father brought him a beautiful book, which contained the beautiful sayings of the saints.
How to live with the instructive events of their life and God’s creatures,
how to get the pleasure of Allah,
to earn good deeds? How to forgive the mistakes of others?
to consider life as a trust of Allah and dedicate it to others,
to do good deeds and how to avoid sins?
What was the book was just a bouquet,
made of flower-like words and advice of reputable personalities.
He began to enjoy reading that book.
Playing games in clubs with friends, running around, wandering around, everything seemed meaningless and useless. He felt that there was no difference between him and any insect crawling on the ground.

The world of his heart was changing now.
Attributes such as gentleness, tolerance, kindness, helping others, good manners gradually began to take root in him.
The father was happy that his son was now spending time at home and that many positive changes were taking place.
The father felt that his son was now able to take over his business and would take him seriously in practical life, and both father and son would achieve success together.
With the son, the father’s shoulders become stronger.
One day the father called his son and ordered him to sit with him in his office and help him in business.
The son gladly agreed.

The father was a businessman. He used to take contracts to supply groceries and supplies in various big stores and shopping malls.
When the son learned the ins and outs of the business, he discovered that there are many places to swing.
The swing of prices, the swing of financial misappropriation from customers, the swing of bitter attitude towards small customers, the swing of giving big fish goods with special discounts and in return taking their mean concessions, in the name of charity in big institutions.
The huge sums of money paid for appearances and pleasures of the people and the swing to drive out a really poor person who has come to the door.
The son wanted to explain to the father.

He mentioned in the book the guiding principles of a good life, successful  and good honest business.
He narrated the life events of high religious personalities and mentioned their experiences and conditions.
The real means of earning good deeds and the blessings of halal earning by walking on the path of mercy, truth and straightness.
His mind was blown away when he heard his father saying this.

You’ve lost your mind. Who has benefited from following these principles nowadays? This is not the time.
Now the distance is something else. Get out of this imaginary and bookish world and follow the same ways to walk with the world that are necessary to live a good life today.
The book is for reading, if you start following everything written in it, you will wait for two loaves of bread, you idiot.
The words of the books seem good in the books. You offer prayers, recite Qur’an, pay Zakat fast, that is enough.
The son came home. Only one sentence was echoing in his ears

Biblical things … ????????

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