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In the land of the islands| Denmark

A land of happy people

In the land of the islands
Tariq Mirza, Sydney


The warlords return from the unfortunate areas and mention the land that has had bloody wars in the past but now the dove of peace is fluttering there. Where valleys bloom with flowers. Where snow falls like cotton wool, the green sheet of the earth turns white. Ashjars wear white shirts. Where the blue water of the sea spreads from branch to branch within the cities. Where smoke rises from the chimneys of houses in the evening. Where there are dense forests, colorful valleys, lush mountains and icy winds blowing whistles. The northern part of Europe is Scandinavia.

Our plane landed near Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, the most important country in the region.
Not long ago, the dawn of dawn appeared, which was slowly illuminating the land of Denmark. Behind this light, the source of this light began to appear from the horizon.
Her face was red with shame. Perhaps the defeat in the Danish race from Australia had an effect. He could not touch us all the way and we reached Denmark before we could walk past him. During this twenty-three hour journey, the sun had risen and set, but we did not see it.

Thus one day disappeared from my life. Twenty-three hours long night took its place. By now thousands of lovers may have prayed for a long night, but to this day no lover has had such a long night as I did.
The only difference was that in the side of these lovers he must have been beloved while in the seat next to me there was a Pathan Brahman. Someone must be whispering in their ears full of love. While in my ears the sound of the humming of the plane. Someone’s long hair will be a shadow on their faces. I would have night blindness while my eyes were sleepy and my body was tired. As long as it was, the night passed anyway.

Just mentioned the night talk
Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds –

The moon, which had flown with us from the skies of Australia twenty-three hours earlier, had reached our destination and covered its face. No matter the fairy face, the bright face of the real moon stayed together throughout the night. From this loneliness and the length of the night both went away that this is also a matter of luck.
Our plane was flying near the ground. The golden rays of the morning reflected the lush green lands of Denmark, the springs flowing here and there, the lakes, the melting snows, the clumps of ashjars, the colorful flower fields, the cattle pastures and the charming houses with red tiles. Water and vegetation dominated the scene. The water flowing in the lakes, rivers, streams, ponds and canals was shining brightly in the rays of the sun.

Along with the water was the spring of every hundred vegetables. Extensive pastures where horses, cows and sheep grazed. These farms were so large that the distance between them was miles. In addition to these greenery, the beautiful sea with blue waters was like a dream come true. Copenhagen’s buildings stood tall.
After circling the city, our plane landed at the airport just outside the city. Before landing, the pilot deliberately flew down to the beautiful scenery of Copenhagen and its surroundings so that the passengers could enjoy the view.

Twenty-seven hours had passed since I left home. During the flight, I just fell asleep because it is very difficult to sleep while sitting on the seat. As I sat, my body was stiff. The condition was debilitating due to insomnia and fatigue. Gee wanted a comfortable bed. As soon as I go, I stretch out and fall asleep. But I was not in bed yet because check-in at my hotel in Copenhagen was not possible before two o’clock in the afternoon. It was seven o’clock in the morning. What’s more, my book “Duniya Rang Rangeeli” was being launched at 5 pm today. It was as if there was no opportunity to rest all day or even late in the evening.

In addition, there were many other concerns. The first step was to enter Denmark. I did not have a visa for any country. It is not even required with an Australian passport. But every country has its own rules and regulations and methods of scrutiny. They can cause problems anywhere and anytime, which can be a problem for a traveler like me.

Not long ago, a Pakistani-Australian friend of mine went to China, but he was not given a transit visa, although Australian citizens do not need a visa to enter China. Despite booking a room in the hotel, the friend had to spend 22 hours in the awkward atmosphere of the airport. So always be prepared for the journey with English in travel.

The second thought was where to spend six or seven hours until two o’clock. It was hard to sit in the hotel lobby for so long. Especially when you have stuff and are tired. Thinking this, I did not like the principle of these Europeans. He had given a time of two o’clock, so it was impossible to check in before two o’clock. If the beloved homeland was in Pakistan, hundreds of ways would come out. I will not mention these methods because all Pakistanis
Well aware.

The third thought was about their hosts. Although I came to Europe for tourism, I was in touch with the literary organizations of the three countries, and my friends in all three places were holding special events for me. In this regard, I was hosted by a literary organization called “Bailey” in Denmark. The current spirit of this organization Ramzan Rafiq Sahib was coming to the airport to pick me up. However, there was an initial contact with them.

My eyes were fixed on earthly views and these were the thoughts and ideas circulating in my mind. Meanwhile, our plane landed on the runway and after a short run came to a standstill. The lush greenery and colorful lakes and flowerbeds around the airport were heartwarming.

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