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Denmark| Copenhagen’s most famous street

A land of happy people
19th part

Copenhagen’s most famous street,
Store gate

Tariq Mirza, Sydney

There is a street near City Hall where every tourist visiting Copenhagen must take a walk. The 5 meter long street called Store gate is the longest pedestrian street in Europe. There are many more pedestrian streets in Copenhagen, but the popularity of the store gate is unmatched by any other street.
There is no better place in Copenhagen for all kinds of shopping, refreshments and peas. By the way, it is 3 meters long, but if its side streets, which are reserved for pedestrians only, are included, then it spreads like a devil’s gut.

Young and strong legs are needed to cover it completely. Raja Ghafoor and I were not both young so we walked to the end at the store gate with our noses aligned. Although I have no shame in walking and I am in the habit of walking for at least one hour daily, but Raja Ghafoor, despite being older, turned out to be more powerful than me. Or did he just not pay attention when you tell him something to do?

This paved alley was free from all kinds of traffic and full of pedestrians. Tourists from all over the world, men and women, old and young and children, were enjoying the beautiful scenery and colorful atmosphere of this historic passage. Cafes, bars, restaurants were open everywhere. The smell of food and drink was felt in the street. In addition, antiques, costumes, jewelry, fruits and flowers, souvenirs and all kinds of other items were being sold here. There were music guitarists, street singers, history museums and art galleries. Tourists were engaged in their favorite pastimes and shopping. Some of us were also window shoppers.

Everything is more expensive in Europe than in Australia. Even then, I would buy some things that would be a monument to this city and country. After a similar purchase from Store gate, my backpack gained two and a half kilos. I was cautious about shopping in Denmark and Sweden. This is because the international trip from Australia to Denmark had the capacity to carry 30 kg of luggage. The same was the case with luggage returning from Norway to Australia. But between Denmark and Sweden and between Sweden and Norway this capacity was reduced to 20 kg. So Denmark and Sweden needed to be very careful.

Such anxieties accompany the long-distance traveler. You can get rid of them only when you reach home. Every day of such a long journey is like a test for the traveler. If that day goes well, that too is a success. Because during the journey there may be many sudden problems which can not only make the tourism fun but also the tourist may have to give and take. Especially when the trip is to more than one country, the fears and dangers increase. Imagine if you were searching the dust of a foreign land thousands of miles away from home, what would happen to you if you lost your wallet, cash, important papers or passport? Or what if the condition worsens during the trip?
Therefore, travel is a means to an end as long as it is accompanied by health and safety and well-being, otherwise it can become an English journey (Suffer). It is not possible to get rid of this anxious thought while I am traveling.
Raja Ghafoor remembered the days of his youth when he had just arrived in Denmark, seeing the splendor of Store gate Street and the splendor of the beauties. He used to come and sit here daily with his friends. In the square, people sat for hours on benches with statues of King Frederick IV, enjoying the colors of the atmosphere. ”

I said, “At that time Raja Sahib Pothohar was a nervous young man. The matter will not be limited to just sitting on the cupboards. Many Danish beauties come here. Many stories will be born. ”
Raja Ghafoor’s eyes sparkled behind his thick glasses. He smiled under his thick mustache and said, “Why do you bury ashes, Mirza Sahib?” It would be a shame to talk like that at this age. By the way, the truth is that this is the purpose of sitting here. ”

“So did you get a trophy for this sit-in?”
“Only trophy! Say the trophies. Each of us collected so many trophies. It was a difficult time, but we have tasted every color and every taste of Denmark. Had a good time despite the physical exertion.
Some friends married white women. Some were confined to temporary bonds according to European customs. However, the majority got citizenship because of Danish women. ”
“Tell me more about this period. How many Pakistanis were here and what were their conditions?”

“When I came to Denmark in 1982, there were very few Pakistanis here. There was no communication between them. People used to run away especially when they saw illegal immigrants. If they came face to face in the mosque or any other place, they would have slipped away.
I was one of those newcomers. We used to change houses day after day. It would have been difficult to find an address in a government department. He did not have a permanent home and was reluctant to give his address. In such a situation, Danish women came in handy for Pakistanis. They were straightforward and forgettable. Through them, many people settled here. ”

“What percentage of people left these women after getting citizenship?”
“The majority left them and went to Pakistan to get married. Many also had children with these Danish women. However, this abuse was committed by countless people. ”
“Remember any such incident?”
Sitting on this cupid bench, I was listening to interesting stories from Denmark about half a century ago from Raja Ghafoor. He glanced around and said, “Now I can see the writer and the journalist inside you clearly.
As far as events are concerned. There are many such incidents. A friend of ours came here on a visit visa in the early seventies. This visit visa was a support, otherwise he had no intention of returning.
He had come to improve the economic situation of himself and his family. He stayed here illegally after his visa expired. He also worked in secret and was seeking a permanent residence visa. But it was not easy because he was neither highly educated nor skilled. In the meantime, raids were carried out on his home and the factory where he worked to arrest him. Fortunately, he survived. But that was not to be for long.

Meanwhile, in a nightclub, he met a Danish girl who turned into a friendship, then a love affair, and finally a marital relationship. This friend was lucky in the sense that the girl he married was not only younger than our friend but also very beautiful. At bedtime she was very sincere and loving.
After marrying a Danish girl, a friend applied for citizenship. Unfortunately this request was rejected. Our friend was arrested in court.

The reason was his tainted past. As well as being a fugitive from the law, he was also involved in litigation cases. The Danish wife caused a commotion in the court. The judge was also impressed by her sigh but he was forced by law.
The story made headlines in the newspapers and on TV through the media.
This Danish girl was the only child of wealthy parents. Her parents were initially opposed to the relationship. But for the sake of our daughter’s happiness, we finally agreed to this relationship.

But all these efforts were in vain and according to the court order, the day came to deport our friend. His wife did not give up. She went to the airport and stood in the way of the police and immigration officials. He roared and lifted the sky above his head. Because of this, media representatives arrived there.
The girl declared that if my husband was separated from me, I would commit suicide here and the government would be responsible for it. Authorities were shocked to see the girl’s seriousness.
They sent our friend back to prison. File reopened. Did the file open? The door to our friend’s destiny opened. If our friend belonging to lower middle class had gone back to Pakistan, his future would have been bleak.
Without education and capital, he would have been reduced to ashes in the fire of unemployment and his family would have been crushed in the mill of poverty.
His wife’s fidelity, his struggle, his prayers and his father-in-law’s capital brought color and he finally got Danish citizenship.

This piece of paper changed the fate of her and her family. Her two brothers came to Denmark. The two started doing business in Pakistan. The sisters got married and the parents performed Hajj. His family became well-known throughout the region.
On the other hand, our friend, four or five years old, and Hussain Danish enjoyed the wealth of his wife and his father. Five years later, he went to Pakistan and divorced his wife. When he returned to Denmark two or three months later, he brought with him a Pakistani wife who was cooking bhagra pratha.
His Pakistani wife is of fair complexion and fair complexion. Those who had seen his Danish wife and were aware of the story of his fidelity were left speechless. When people asked the reason, they started saying. “Actually my wife was very good but we don’t have children.
That’s why she got married for the second time. ”
Twenty-five years have passed since he married a Pakistani woman. They have no children yet. Meanwhile, his ex-Danish wife remarried and they have three children. As if the reason for not having children was this Sahib himself. His innocent wife was not to blame. This goddess of loyalty kept her faith till the end, but what did she get in return?

Hearing this story, I was thinking that a large section of our people consider European women as unfaithful, parrot-eyed and beggars. Which is simply due to misunderstanding, prejudice and propaganda. The fact is that marriages here are based on love and love is based on fidelity. Where love ends, marriage ceases because these people do not live hypocritical lives. Love and loyalty are not the domain of any one nation or country. This wealth of nature can bestow on anyone. It was this love that compelled this Danish Hasina to sacrifice so much, wait so much and struggle so much.

It was this love that kept Mian in jail for a year and a half and she kept trying to get him released. It was love that gave him the courage to confront his parents, society and the law. On the other hand, how unfortunate was the person who got so much love but he did not appreciate it. Who showed the heart of an innocent by pretending to be a false love. He took it away from his life like a child playing with a toy and throwing it away. I don’t understand how such a person’s conscience allows him to live. How does he fall asleep? What will he answer to his Creator and Master tomorrow? ۔

After a long walk in the store gate, I said to Raja Ghafoor, “I have seen this legendary street very well. Let’s go back now. ”
“All right. Further, it is no different. Let’s go back and sit in the car and go somewhere else. ”


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