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Denmark| A trip to Helsingborg

A land of happy people
14th part

A trip to Helsingborg
with two poets

Tariq Mirza, Sydney

After the meal, the famous Danish poet Tahir Adeel came to pick me up. I thanked Muhammad Yaseen who had been with me for two days. They met a day earlier and today it seemed like a long-standing relationship. There are some personalities who gradually make their place in your heart. The soft-spoken Muhammad Yaseen is one of them.

Tahir Adeel took me to Nasr Malik’s treasury. The surroundings of his building were beautiful because of the numerous trees, shrubs, fruit trees, colorful flowers and green grass. Nasr Malik was stopped in front of the only building surrounded by lush green trees and colorful flowers.

Both hosts had a special interest in poetry and literature. Tahir Adeel writes excellent poetry in Urdu, Punjabi and English. While Nasr Malik has the status of a university of literature and journalism. I have never seen or heard of such a person who has simultaneous access and experience in every subject of literature, poetry, painting, history, translation, journalism, broadcasting and broadcasting.

His study is extensive, his experience is unlimited and his taste in literature is excellent. Their conversation is pleasant and full of experience. The next few hours were spent with him and with Tahir Adeel as if it were a color film, a sweet dream, an interesting book or a rain of colors.
Tahir Adeel asked, Mirza Sahib! Do you have a passport?
No, I left at the hotel. I said in surprise.
Oh, if you had a passport we could go to Malmo, Sweden.
How far is Sweden from here? I discovered

Nasr Malik Sahib said, it is not far. We could go there in half an hour. Many people live in this coastal city in Sweden and come to work in Denmark every day. Similarly, many Danes go there daily.
It was decided that we would go for a walk outside Copenhagen. The city of Helsingborg in the far north of Denmark was chosen for this, which the English call Elsenor.

Nasr Malik said that this is an ancient city with a current population of around 62,000. In it he makes special mention of the historic Crownburg Fortress of Elsinore. In his famous play, Helsenor and the Danish royal family are mentioned in a very interesting way, giving the Crownburg Fortress a lasting reputation. A dialogue about Denmark in this Shakespeare play
Something is Rotton in the state of Denmark

Became very famous in the art world. The fort is an important monument to the revival of the arts and sciences in northwestern Europe, and is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
The city of Helsingborg itself is located on the northeastern edge of the Danish province of City land.
On the other side of the coastline from this city is the Swedish city of Helsenborg, which was once part of Denmark.

For Hilsingor, Tahir Adeel chose the coastal highway which is a bit long but the scenery of this road was so beautiful that the length was not felt. Even so, we stopped, drank tea, coffee and smoked, and took photographs. Nasr Malik’s informative and interesting conversation was going on during this time.
Tahir Adeel was also adding colors to his poetic and literary tastes. I was also supporting these friends as much as possible. Before leaving for Helsingborg, we visited Bacon, an amusement park in the town of Kleinburg.

Nasr Malik said the Kalmanborg amusement park is known as Baken Historic and Deer Forest. The centuries-old oak trees in this forest still give a wonderful solace. The forest covers an area of ​​11 km and is one of the oldest forests in the world, which has been declared a World Heritage Site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The city of Clemburg is famous for its beautiful beaches due to its location by the sea. In the summer days, there are so many beautiful sights that one can only see.

As we approached Bacon Park, we were greeted by breathtaking views of the voyage, the highway along the sea, and the way of life and lifestyle of the Danish settlers along the way. In the west, the blue sea was relaxing, while in the lush park by the sea, people were engaged in recreational activities.
On the other side was the red high gate of Bacon Park, in front of which stood two horse-drawn carriages. Many tourists used to rent these carts for a walk in the park. Tall horses with chariots adorned behind them, uniformed Danish coaches, took man back to the days when such chariots were considered a magnificent royal ride.

The common man of today has more facilities than the emperors of the past. It has state-of-the-art means of transportation, including high-speed cars, bullet trains, airplanes and helicopters, but the chariots have a vibrant feel that they are not in these modern vehicles and planes.
Decorated with centuries-old trees, colorful flowerbeds and ornamental plants, this vast park is a popular pastime for locals and international tourists.

It is so wide that it is impossible to walk all over the park. So Adeel and I walked for about a kilometer inside the park. There were dense clusters of trees of all kinds, green meadows, rows of lush colors on the edges, beautiful lights and various kinds of birds on the branches of the trees.
It was as if we were in a dense jungle far away from the settlements. However, there were busy highways and settlements outside the park. But the world inside the park was completely different.
The organizers deliberately created this atmosphere. Even if there is a road inside the park, driving is prohibited. Even carriages cannot go beyond a certain limit. However, one of the object of the mechanical age was the bicycle, which had special tracks.

The branches of the ancient Ashjar grow old and break and hang. The leaves of the trees fall and their floor is left. But with the exception of pedestrian walkways, the rest of the park is kept in its original and natural form. However, by taking full care of the grass and plants inside the park, it is made clean, transparent and attractive so that children and adults can enjoy it.
Nasr Malik Sahib did not come with us inside the park. There were three reasons for this. The first was that he could not walk much because of the pain in his legs. The second reason was their smoking which continued. The third and biggest reason was an oak tree right in front of Bacon Park. Which at the same time was very ancient, historical and the center of many romantic stories.

The 800-year-old tree is even older than Copenhagen. When we went inside the park, Malik Sahib went from this ancient tree to seek secrets. When we came back, there was no difficulty in finding this centuries old tree. Malik Sahib was leaning against the trunk of this tree and was engaged in smoking.
The trunk of this tree is spread out like a big tree and with the passage of time large holes have been made in it. Its branches were rocky, hollow and leafless in those days. We apologized for leaving Malik Sahib alone, but only a writer and researcher can give the answer he gave.
I was never alone. I was repeating the moments of history with this ancient tree. It is the treasure of many centuries of secrets. So spending time with her is a fun pastime.

Tahir Adeel is young but sometimes he gets bored with Malik Sahib, he said laughing.
Then tell us what happened to this tree?
Malik Sahib, smiling, has secrets and needs are not for the faint of heart. Rather, it inhabits the world of the heart.
Tahir Adeel was frying on mischief, by the way you have been living in Denmark for forty or fifty years. How many times did the settlement of the heart settle during this period?
What do you mean by Tahir Adeel Dal and its inhabitants?
Malik Sahib sighed. If this remembrance goes on, it will go far. The names of many of the occupants will come up. Many lyrics and many legends will be born. This town is a bit quiet. Leave it alone. Why do you talk slanderously in old age?

In any case, we were talking about the old tree that has stood here for centuries, staring at passers-by. The trunk of this magical tree has become hollow inside. And it has become a big hole to get into. I peeked inside and there was enough space for seven or eight people to sleep at the same time.
Its trunk is 12 meters in diameter. I said looking carefully. Inside the tree, this natural cave seems to be the place of Gyan and Chilla.

Tahir Adeel’s imagination woke up. Some people may have been using it for this purpose. Due to its longevity, this tree has seen how many seasons, how many months and years, how many people, how many stories and how many times. If he has a language, what kind of stories can he tell? I don’t know how many hearts have joined and broken in his shadow.
Malik Sahib rarely missed such an opportunity. They spoke immediately. Hearts are not known, bodies must have met, rooted, shrunk. That is why it is silent with shame.
I said. Leave it alone and we walk to the beach park in front.

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