Pakistan should produce At least 10000 long range missiles
preferably using solid fuel, per year for
5 years otherwise be prepared to become a part of India .

Pak pm should not interfere in  funds from overseas to Pak NGO’s
who then channel the same in some cases to Pak actress,
these actress  in turn do women march , do not wear Hijab or purdah,
give statements that she can have sex without marriage ,
promote immorality by wearing less clothes and hugging males
in parties or weddings .

Pak should remember on thing if you want to destroy an Islamic country
then make
women easily available for sex outside marriage
this is what is going on in Pakistan now ..

Pak should remember

Pakistan  Army overthrow IK if he does not stops raw  slavery
Pakistani pm stop slavery of TTP , which is an extended arm of raw .

If Pm  of Pak continues to show respect and soft corner for TTP or any
terror outfit,  then Pak
Military should overthrow Imran khan and impose military rule in Pakistan .

Pakistani military and ISI should call a press conference or video
conference or issue circular to all
Newspapers, news channels, radio stations  of Pakistan and issue the
following statement :

Anyone who gives information leading to arrest of TTP members would be
rewarded Rupees 1 crore
and full police protection and his  name would never be divulged .

Since TTP is an arm of Indian raw , whose main aim is to blacklist
Pakistan and make Pak economy worse then n Korea  . so killing all TTP
members is very important .

Pak military and ISI after overthrowing I k  as he is an Indian slave(
because  if he had not let free Indian pilot then Pakistan  could have
hand twisted of raw when ever it desired , he would soon release k y )
Force all Pakistanis to link immediately their sim cards with their
national identity card or passport ,
With in a week or their sim cards would be blocked .

All mobile phones , vehicles robbers and sim card robbers should be
publicly be amputated , according to Islamic rules .

Force all Pakistani citizens to reports all their mobile phones which
were robbed , in the pass two decades and their sim numbers .
Block those sim cards and mobile phones with IME numbers .

All Pakistanis should be forced to declare their mobile IME numbers
and sim cards numbers with in a week, after that all non  declared
mobile phones and sim cards would be blocked .

Force all Masjid imams to carry message in Jumma Khutba regarding how
TTP and other Terror outfits which are being funded by raw are
destroying Pakistan image internationally ( for example recent  recent
killing of a s l person mercilessly  )

Ban cryptocurrency completely in Pak as Indian raw is paying money to
TTP and other extremists elements to destroy Pak image internationally
and get Pak blacklisted and labelled as a terrorist state .

Finally golden rule to get Pakistan whitelisted on fatf list is as follows :
Ban all mobiles and sim cards which were robbed in past twenty  years .
Turn public against TTP and other terror outfits by using media ads .
Ban crypto currency in Pakistan .

Do audits of all Ngo’s operating in  Pakistan , that from were they
get money and where money is going .
Give heavy cash rewards to  anti TTP informants .

Finally in 4 months period it is possible that aeman al zeware would
be killed in pak,
To label pak as  a terrorists heaven .
Fact is his duplicate would be killed just like OBL, as he is already dead .

Pak  Army should form a new civilian  arm  in Pakistan to extract oil
from Pakistani eastern border with India , where India is doing
horizontal drilling in Rajhistan and robbing Pak oil reserves .
Exploit 200 billion dollars of Balochistan oil and gas reserves

Unit should also start extracting gold from rico dik gold mines .
Unit should also desilt Indus river plus force India through w bank,
ADB  IMF to stop any dam construction on Indian side .

If I get caught by Indian units then get be released by a kandhar type

Imran khan either u fulfill above mentioned demands or get overthrown
from pm post in just 3 days period .
If India says u burned one dead body of sl national , the u say-  you
India killed

20000 Indian Muslims in Gujrat state in 2002 by burning them alive .

since election in up state of India are near, raw would do a false
flag in India and blame

ask UN or US to either provide funds to Pakistan to feed afghan
refugees or give refuge to
40 million afghans in USA

May ALLAH , protect  Pakistanis from IK  and his idiotic thinking  ,
India , raw and TTP . Ameen .