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Denmark|A pink scene

A land of happy people
8th part

A pink scene

Tariq Mirza, Sydney

Our car was passing through downtown Copenhagen. The roads were deserted because of the holiday. However, countless tourists were roaming in the central part of the city. We passed Parliament House, the municipal building, the royal palaces and the main entrance to Doperg Cemetery.
Looking at the cemetery, I looked at Ramzan Rafiq with questioning eyes. His mustache fluttered and he smiled
Let us take you on a tour of the cemetery.
I smiled too
Of course, this is our final destination, but as soon as we arrived in Copenhagen, we brought Christiania first and now the cemetery. What are the intentions of the Holy Prophet?
He said laughing
Come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself!
You want me to be present if I want to remember death. Take me to the cemetery.
Wait a minute. A friend is coming to join us.
Of course, to go to the grave, you also need a shoulder.

Ramzan Rafiq smiles. A few minutes later a gentleman came. His name was Muhammad Yaseen and he belonged to Faisalabad. Now we are two to three. Throughout the day, interesting conversations, jokes, jokes, and sightseeing continued in Copenhagen.
One of the most interesting places was the road leading to the cemetery, and on either side of it were rows of cherry blossoms lined with pink flowers.

The road, sidewalk and adjoining greenery were covered with a blanket. This road, which was reserved for pedestrians only, was full of tourists.
On either side of the road were cherry blossom groves, then green grass fields, rows upon rows of flowering plants, tall trees talking to the sky, fruit trees, trails and water ponds. The cemetery was far ahead.

However, the spring of cherry blossom flowers dominated the whole scene in such a way that they could not be seen. The trees were empty of leaves but full of pink flowers.
These pink flowers were falling fast and spread like a pink sheet on the road and grass. They made the whole atmosphere pink and fragrant.
Its charming color, its sweet fragrance and the silvery sunshine coming from the flowers were raining colors and light. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. The scents are coming down. Seeing this pink color, the faces of the tourists were also open like flowers.

A long line of fragrant and colorful trees stretched far and wide. Tourists were capturing these colors, these fragrances and these scenes in the camera, but the cameras also become helpless on such an occasion that their field of vision is limited and the industrial scenes of the artist of the universe are infinite.
The camera is incapable of capturing this colorful atmosphere, human emotions and fragrances. Only the human eye can see it and feel its heart.

There were green, colorful flowers, grass sheets and pink colors scattered all over the place. Flowers were falling from the branches of tall cherry blossom trees. They have to be replaced by green leaves and then the delicious fruit of cherry has to be adorned on these branches for the pleasure and combustion of human beings.
Nature has given so many colors, fragrances and flavors to human beings through these trees.

O painter of the universe, how many colors you have and each color is unique and incomparable. I was staring at the pink scene under the trees when a pink butterfly started flying in front of my eyes.
I reached out and closed it in my fist. After a while I opened my fist and it was a flower leaf which also colored my palm. I dropped the leaf

Leaving the world of cherry blossom colors, we arrived at a market in Copenhagen where almost all the shops were Asian. Among them were Arabic shopkeepers and customers of Arabic, Chinese, Pakistani, Indian, Afghan, Bengali and all colors and races. I found out from an Arabic shopkeeper.
Do you have a network SIM that works in all three countries, Denmark, Norway and Sweden?
The shopkeeper said, take the Vodafone SIM. Will run in all three countries.
I bought that SIM. However, the network has not been equally effective in all three countries. It did not do well, especially in Sweden and Norway.
His mobile data did not work at all. However, it was a booty that the call of friends was received. The hotel was connected via Wi-Fi and WhatsApp.
(read more in next episode)


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