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My Arrest


Imran khan| www.shanurdu.com
Imran Khan| www.shanurdu.com| PTI

In its detailed judgment yesterday, the Supreme Court termed my arrest on May 9 as completely illegal and unconstitutional.


After my arrest, there was a nationwide protest just because an illegal and unconstitutional act was done by abducting me from inside the High Court.

Imran Khan| www.shanurdu.com| PTI
Imran Khan| www.shanurdu.com| PTI

The question that needs to be answered is whether anyone was held accountable for illegally arresting me. Did DG NAB or Home Minister be reprimanded for doing an unconstitutional act?

Imran khan| www.shanurdu.com
Imran khan| www.shanurdu.com

On the contrary, when people came out against my abduction and exercised their constitutional right to peaceful protest, it was used as a justification to crack down on my party. In just forty-eight hours, more than 10,000 of my workers and officials were picked up and attacked.

So I repeat that whenever an independent investigation (of this whole matter) is conducted, I will prove that everything from my arrest to the arson and subsequent crackdown was just a well-thought-out plan to keep me and my party out of the elections.

Imran Khan| www.shanurdu.com| PTI
Imran Khan| www.shanurdu.com| PTI

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