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Ice hockey title closes in Skardu


GILGIT: The two-day Baltistan Ice Hockey Championship finished up in Skardu on Wednesday.

The occasion was held to spread mindfulness about effect of environmental change, softening glacial masses, preservation of untamed life and significance of biological equilibrium.

Four groups from Baltistan division, including, Siachen Red, Baltoro Blue, Biafo Yellow and Chogo Lugma Green took an interest in the contests.

The occasion was held at the Ice Rink, District Park, Halmaranga.

Siachen Red dominated the last game beating Chugo Lugma Green by one objective.

Nearby youngsters likewise performed ice skating.

GB senior clergyman Raja Zakaria Khan Maqpoon, Canadian High Commissioner to Pakistan Wendy Gilmour, common and military authorities, and countless nearby individuals went to the finishing up service.

The occasion was coordinated by the locale organization.

Associate magistrate, Skardu Waqas Johar let Dawn know that it was the principal ice hockey occasion in Baltistan.

He said an enormous number of individuals partook in the occasion in the midst of frosty temperature, along these lines managing the cost of a chance for pleasure and advancement of winter sports.

The essential subject of the occasion was to establish mindfulness about the effect of environmental change.

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