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Denmark| Danish nation

A land of happy people
6th part

Interesting and special things
about the Danish nation

Tariq Mirza, Sydney

According to an international survey, the Danes are the happiest people in the world. For the past several years, Denmark has been at the forefront of liveliness.
The other two countries in the region, Finland and Norway, are also prominent in the list. Local Pakistani friends could not clearly determine the reasons for the happiness of the Danish people.
While this was being said, I said with a sigh.
The more cold you have, the more your teeth will grind. Somewhere it is not considered as an expression of happiness.

A friend said, what is the story of inheritance?
At the insistence of friends, I told the whole joke.
When an inherited father-in-law passed away, he started bragging that he was not afraid of cold at all.
His brother-in-law said to give air to his arrogance.
Yes! Tonight Brother John will sleep on the roof without consent.
The boast of inheritance was on the rise.
He said, “Why not?” I will sleep on the roof tonight.
Poh Magh’s winter was in full swing. He lay down on the hereditary roof, but his teeth began to grind from the cold. In that state he died. In the morning, his wife went and saw him and said, “Look at his bravery.
He died, but his laughter did not abate.”
Danes often use a word or phrase. This means that no one person is better than another. This idiom has become an important principle of Danish civilization. This nation is determined that everyone, whether rich or poor, white or black, has equal status and no one is better than another.

Hearing this, I remembered the words of Hujjat-ul-Wada ‘, the sermon of the Prophet Muhammad, the benefactor of humanity, which he had delivered fourteen hundred years ago.
People, your Lord is One. Your father is one You are all descendants of Adam and Adam was made of dust.
The most honorable of you in the sight of Allah is the most pious. No Arab has any superiority over a non-Arab except piety.
Yes, all the rules of ignorance are under my control, and all traces of ignorance are removed.

Fourteen hundred years ago, no nation in the world had even imagined what the Prophet of Islam had said. If we look at Muslim countries today, the effect of this universal education is nowhere to be seen.

But Europe’s non-Muslim society is on the path to prosperity, progress and prosperity by adopting this prophetic principle of equality.
This is how Hakim-ul-Ummah drew attention to this path of the Islamic Ummah.

There is no better place for cycling than Denmark. Because the land of Denmark is very flat and smooth. There are very few ups and downs. Denmark’s highest point is just 3 feet above sea level. Cycling is common in Scandinavia.
Everyone in the house has a different bicycle.
Even though they have cars and cheap fuel, most people go to work on bicycles. The streets of Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo are lined with bicycles morning and evening.

That is why there is not much traffic on the roads. In this way their health remains good and the environment remains free from density. Unlike Australia, cyclists ride without helmets.
According to geological research, humans lived in the icy glaciers of Denmark 14,000 years ago. He was involved in fishing and agriculture.
Given the severity of the seasons in a region where winter temperatures drop below minus 40 degrees Celsius, this is astonishing research.

Considering the resources available at that time, the structure of houses and the scarcity of resources, then the endurance and courage of the people of that time will have to be appreciated.
The national flag of Denmark is recognized as the oldest flag of the independent world. This is certainly a source of pride for the Danish nation.
Education and treatment in Denmark is absolutely free. Although its costs are covered by public taxes, its beneficiaries include taxpayers as well as low-income earners.
It is as if the rich and the poor have equal access to education and health care.

I think the world needs to learn from Denmark and adopt this welfare system. I am glad that the same system is in place in Australia of which I am a citizen. I wish people all over the world had these facilities.
Ten percent of Denmark’s population emigrated to the United States between 1880 and 1920. This is a very large and significant number.
These were the people who were oppressed by the political, social and economic conditions of the time and the harsh weather and moved to America to change their destiny.

Today, a hundred years later, more than ten percent of Pakistan’s population is forced to emigrate to different parts of the world. Migration is never easy.
There are innumerable factors behind it. The effects of migration last for generations and many families lose their identity. But things keep pushing me to hell.

Another highlight of Denmark is the complete freedom of expression that the Danes are proud of. But for me, there should be a limit to this freedom. No one should have so much freedom that he can hurt the hearts of millions of people and there is no one to stop him.

This parental freedom can happen to animals in the jungle, it has no place in civilized societies. Some time ago, a Danish newspaper published a cartoon of the Prophet of Islam, Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and hurt the hearts of millions of Muslims.
This is the worst example of the devastating implications of this parental freedom. Such sick-minded people should not have the freedom to play with anyone’s religious sentiments.

(Remaining in the next episode)
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