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Coco Lee


Coco Lee passed on out of nowhere at age 48
Chinese-American vocalist Coco Lee died on July 5 from confusions in the wake of endeavoring to end her own life a couple of days sooner.

coco lee
coco lee is no more www.shanurdu.com

Content admonition: This display contains notices of death and sorrow.

Taken her own life

Channel News Asia certified the understanding about the star’s amazing downfall.
Disclosure from family

coco lee
coco lee

South China Morning Post announced that Coco Lee’s enduring family uncovered via virtual entertainment that the vocalist had been fighting discouragement for the beyond couple of years. It was connected with the way that her general well being had declined.

Her mother attempted to save her

coco lee
coco lee


Coco Lee  represent to have pass away,
from a state of unconsciousness after an endeavor on her own life.
As per The Waterways Times, the vocalist’s demise was a misfortune since her own mom, a Chinese Customary Medication expert, had made frantic endeavors to save her life utilizing needle therapy after Western specialists had quit any pretense of attempting to save her.


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