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spend four months of your career with the profile
Here are some secrets you need to know to use the most effective professional network in the world.

Thanks to smart devices such as mobile phones, tablets and other devices, it is no longer difficult to connect to the Internet anywhere. Due to the proliferation of the Internet, a person is not only a part of the society in which he lives, but he is a part of virtually every society to which he has access.

That is why new applications are emerging day by day to fill the communication gap which is helping to further improve the communication. Two terms are common in the Internet world when it comes to people’s interactions.

One is social media and the other is social networking. Social networking is the process by which a person addresses a particular circle. It requires direct links. While social media means using the internet to get your point across.

Whether you write a blog, create your own website, advertise your business on another website or offer distance education. It’s all part of social media. There are countless websites in the world today that make it very easy to access social media or networking.

Until recently, people used social networking sites only for fun and to keep in touch with friends and relatives. There was an urgent need for a platform where people could take the opportunity to showcase their work with a professional approach and easily find a job around the world.

This is the place where you can not only connect with your professionals, but also indirectly strengthen your candidacy for the future job by consulting your current or previous company counterparts and senior colleagues on the profile. ۔

In this day and age when the maximum age of a candidate for a job is constantly decreasing, the groups or communities formed for professionals in various fields can be very helpful on “LinkedIn”. Are Discussions on these will keep you updated from time to time to improve your skills, but some of the people you meet here can also help you choose the right course and institute.

“LinkedIn”. Professionalists believe in the “knowledge sharing grows” theory. So not only can you learn a lot from the experiences of other professionals here, but you can also share with others your own experience or expertise.

This platform is also very effective in reading the experiences of the professionals and understanding their point of view. For example, if you are a network engineer, you can read the experiences of a senior admin professional to understand the reason for the tension between you and your admin manager.

At present our career development affects all the professionals of the department, so understanding their point of view can be very helpful. With this point in mind, a professional network like “LinkedIn” was introduced. Done. It currently has more than 530 million regular members from eight countries around the world. Most people use “LinkedIn” to establish professional relationships

Because the main purpose of “LinkedIn” is to establish business or employment related networking for which “LinkedIn”. Allows your members to connect with other people on the platform. LinkedIn allows you to quickly connect with people in your field and industry.

The basic version of “LinkedIn” is available for free with no charge but there is also a premium version available for a regular fee. This paid version is generally preferred by heads of corporations and CEOs of large companies.

Now the question arises whether the “CV” typed in the traditional Microsoft Word is ineffective? Which we use “LinkedIn”. So, sir, the short answer is yes. While the traditional “CV” is still important for many jobs, HR managers of most large companies today do not value the traditional “CV” because they know that it The “CV” is not prepared by the candidate himself but prepared in a net club or is the result of copy and paste. However, it is also a difficult step for companies to find a competent person out of a large number of existing CVs.

Therefore, in recent years, the number of companies providing jobs through LinkedIn in Pakistan, like the rest of the world, has increased significantly as the recruitment of corporations specialists through LinkedIn.

Have the ability to find a candidate more quickly and efficiently. Before using “LinkedIn”, keep in mind some of the most important things that “LinkedIn” is. Unlike other social media like Facebook etc., it is definitely a complete professional network.

So just create your professional identity here and never express your religious, ethnic, linguistic, political views, nor try to connect with people who have nothing to do with you or you. Do not belong to the professional field. Doing so can also block your “LinkedIn” profile by declaring it spam (SPAM).

Do you already have a “LinkedIn”? Does the profile exist? If so, you deserve congratulations, as you are one of the more than 3 million professional users of the world’s largest professional platform. Are you using it as you deserve to use it?

If the answer is “no” then there is nothing to worry about because you are not the only person in Pakistan who is “LinkedIn”. Unaware of the professional power of LinkedIn, most Pakistanis are unable to take full advantage of it due to their ignorance of the proper use of LinkedIn.

The main reason for this is to think of “LinkedIn” as being like Facebook or Twitter. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your “LinkedIn” profile by making your profile more attractive and effective and adding four more moons to your fast growing career.

“LinkedIn” – Unique URL:
Your URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is the address of your “LinkedIn” profile on the Internet. Search from Be sure to make your profile address different or unique from others so that it is easy to find you among your peers, such as enter the name of the city with the name so that your name becomes unique so that whenever someone enters any search engine. If someone tries to find you on the Internet by typing your name, your profile will be at the top of the list.

If you intend to edit the URL of a pre-created profile, use your “LinkedIn”. Go to the edit menu of the profile and click on the small wheel at the bottom of the image attached to your profile.

This will take you to the edit menu of your URL. And if there are people, then write a KHI with your name as if you belong to Karachi, then write KHI so that you can stand out from others and if anyone tries to find you on the internet, then people belonging to Karachi. You are at the top.

Profile profile title should be comprehensive:
A comprehensive and unique introductory title plays a vital role in gaining the reader’s full attention. That is why it is called “LinkedIn”. But the introverted title does not impress anyone. Remember, “LinkedIn”.

I have over 2 million subscribers so a good and comprehensive introductory title can compel people to view your profile.

“Kashif Ali” art director who helps consumers create attractive ads.
“Copywriter” in writing unique content that is second to none.
“Shopify” Consultant “No one can provide better guidance for buying and selling online than us.

Post a nice photo:
“LinkedIn”. But in order to get the status of All Star Profiles, it is essential that the profile has a very attractive look and high quality image. A nice picture of your “LinkedIn”. Can make the profile 3 times more impressive.

For this, make sure that the picture should be fresh and full of a good impression, such as smile, not only on your lips but also on your eyes. The percentage should consist of the face. The image must also be of appropriate thumbnail size.

Importance of background image:
“LinkedIn”. What most users don’t know is that they can even upload a background or cover image to their linked profile, just like a background image is posted on Twitter or Facebook.

Just be careful here Any image in the background must be related to your professionalism or work, such as your business logo or the front cover of your book or the banner or stage of an event where you are speaking.

Or the image of attending a conference or workshop so that the viewer can quickly guess that you are a professional employee or entrepreneur. , Engineers, and working in any field. Background images should not be more than 3, 5 MB in size.

Mention your skills and abilities:
Be sure to describe in the introductory paragraph all your professional skills in the field in which you want to work or are doing. For example, if you belong to “Architecture” then you will write in your technical skills designing, estimating and expenses, supervisory, site organization, model making, auto cad etc. The point is, you have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

Most people only mention their current job in the profile, although you should also mention your previous jobs so that your experience / skills can be better assessed. Write your career information briefly but comprehensively. Try not to exceed three hundred words. Work well on your profile with confidence.

This is definitely a time consuming task. But the harder you work on the “LinkedIn” profile, the more job opportunities you will have. Keep in mind that the interview call for you will be decided by looking at your profile. So calm down, take a day or two and list all your strengths.

Also, in the summary box, you must write the words and phrases that may be in the job description of the job related to your profession, so that if an organization is looking for people related to its work, their words will match. In case they can easily access your profile.

For example, you have a medical background and your experience is extensive. Now, in the light of your experience, if you want to train newcomers to the industry, you should write in your introductory summary that “I am interested in medical. training ”, in addition you can add:

Publications: Websites, magazines, newsletters where your articles are published.
Certification: For professional certification and related to your side plans or other matters.
Courses: Adding new courses shows that you are constantly trying to learn.
Plans: Thought work and side plans to demonstrate your expertise in certain subjects.
Honors and rewards: List of company and industry recognized awards only.

Importance of Recommendation on LinkedIn Profile:
Your “LinkedIn”. The skills listed in the profile help you get “confirmation” from other members who can confirm that you really have their skills. Find at least three to five successful people like that. Those who can express their good feelings on your profile. “LinkedIn”. But successful people’s “recommendation” this endorsements have a great impact. Try to be the person you have worked with in the past.

Which means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well. This kind of “recommendation” will make your profile more impressive. Make sure your profile is recommended by at least five people, you may be wondering why we keep emphasizing the recommendation over and over again, because when the word recommendation comes to our mind, the thought that comes to mind is “LinkedIn”.

What is the need for a letter of recommendation to verify your profile? If the employers on this social networking site are real, all your data and experiences are correct.

In fact, you are constantly getting jobs in one multinational company after another, so wouldn’t you need any witness or confirmation to prove it all? “LinkedIn”. “Endorsements” means experts in the field or people who have extensive experience and you have had the opportunity to work with them in the past and most importantly they are satisfied with your work.

What’s wrong with them coming to this network and writing a few compliments about you? This will open up new avenues of success for you and will convince the job offer company that your data and experiences listed on the profile are not fictional but real and you will not be the only one to describe them. Even experts in your field are impressed with your work.

Build relationships with professionals:
“LinkedIn”. As well as completing the profile, try to connect with other professionals in your field. Which is very useful. Professional friends can be helpful in getting you a job in your company. It is very important to increase the contact with a lot of people for your “LinkedIn” profile to be effective.

Keep in mind that this is not a social network like Facebook. There are people from all over the world with professional approach. It is not possible for you to create an impressive profile and not keep in touch with other people. If you are employed, you can ask him to introduce you to this company or give you an interview. You may get a job there through him.

Be sure to clarify your perspective on your profession:
“LinkedIn”. By presenting your perspective on your chosen profession in the profile, the viewers may be attracted to you very soon. This will help people to understand your professional potential. ”. Allows you to write up to four paragraphs in full.

The first paragraph should summarize your most impressive achievement in the form of Challenge-Action-Outcome (CAR).

Second paragraph: What you do and why you chose this career or business.

Third paragraph: It is better to write in detail what your target audience is and how you can help them.

Fourth paragraph: It should be about your side project, hobby, or general engagements that keep you entertained.

Also link your other accounts and websites:
“LinkedIn”. “LinkedIn” to other social media accounts for its users. Allows you to link to a profile, allowing your existing friends to connect with you on other platforms. You may also link to up to three of your own websites. For example, your personal website, company website, blog, portfolio, or RSS feed may be labeled as a website.

Alternatively, you can link your website to your profile as a “graphic design portfolio” instead of a simple old “portfolio” .If your website URL is different from your brand name, you can use this feature to list the brand name along with the URL. Remember that from your profile on LinkedIn. Impressed, you can get a job offer from any corner of the world.

Keep yourself updated on “LinkedIn”:
Your “LinkedIn”. In order to keep the profile active, it is necessary to keep it updated from time to time, for which you can post your professional engagements, news, etc.Keep yourself updated on “LinkedIn”:
Your “LinkedIn”. In order to keep the profile active, it is necessary to keep it updated from time to time, for which you can post your professional engagements, news, etc.

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