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Russia attacks Ukraine


Ukrainian MP as fly planes fly upward:
“Our people have passed on for this opportunity”

Ukrainian administrator Lesia Vasylenko was encouraging the global local area to give help on Friday when she was hindered by the sound of planes flying upward.

“In the event that this go on at the level it is going on now,
these air strikes occurring, the tanks coming in, Ukraine can not represent long against such a monstrous Russian hostility, and we want help,” she told CNN from Kyiv.

She added that more endorses are required, as well as more weapons in Ukraine and the conclusion of the nation’s airspace.

She stopped for some time, looking out of her window behind the scenes. “Please accept my apologies …
right now, there were a few planes flying toward the city.

Furthermore we know from the President’s location only a few minutes prior that air strikes are to start at this moment in time,” she said, with a thundering clamor behind the scenes.

“We are totally depleted from this.

since we have helicopters, we have planes, warrior jets, flying overall around constantly.

What’s more every time we hear a commotion, it’s like watching out of the window, where is it going? Is it will hit or is it will miss?”

She added that regardless of the dread, she likewise felt confidence “in the Ukrainian armed force and in the Ukrainian public.”

“Individuals here are daring and no longer don’t depend on surrendering their country,” she said. “We would rather not live subject to someone’s authority, whoever it is.

We are a free group. We have battled for our opportunity. Our people have kicked the bucket for this opportunity.”


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