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Gen Zia’s Spy


Gen Zia’s Spy

One of Gen Zia ul Haq’s closest aides and the man largely credited with establishing the mujahideen network to counter Russia’s invasion of Afghanistan, is one of thousands of figures from around the world who have been exposed in a massive leak of secret banking data from a leading Swiss bank.

Dubbed the ‘Suisse secrets’, this massive trove was provided to Süddeutsche Zeitung, a German newspaper, by a whistle-blower and claims to have exposed the secret wealth of clients notorious for drug trafficking, money laundering and corruption.

According to the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) — a network of journalists from around the world that sifted through the data — accounts identified as potentially problematic held over $8 billion in assets.

“As the head of the Pakistani intelligence agency, General Akhtar Abdul Rahman Khan helped funnel billions of dollars in cash and other aid from the US and other countries to the mujahedeen in Afghanistan to support their fight against the Soviet


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