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Ameer-e-Taliban announcement of public stoning and flogging of women

Ameer-e-Taliban announcement of public stoning and flogging of women

Ameer-e-Taliban Mullah Haibatullah Akhundzada has announced that public flogging and stoning of women guilty of adultery will soon begin.

The leader of the Taliban made this announcement in his voice message broadcast on the state television, after which women will face these punishments again like the first period of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Amir-e-Taliban Mullah Habtaullah Akhundzada addressed the Western countries in his audio message and said that when we stone them as punishment for crime, you say that it is a violation of women’s rights.
Mulla Habtaullah Akhundzada added that we say to the western countries that we fought with you for 20 years and can fight for another 20 years or even more.

The Taliban Supreme Commander added that we have got a government to enforce Sharia, so we will soon reintroduce the punishment for adultery (stoning or flogging) and this will be done publicly.

On this statement of the Taliban leader, Safia Arifi, leader of the Afghan human rights group Women’s Window of Hope, said that women in Afghanistan are being pushed back to the brutal days of the 1990s.

Speaking to The Guardian, Safia Arifi added that with the Taliban leader’s announcement, a new chapter of private punishments has begun and their lives will become even more miserable.

Sahar Fitrat, another Afghan researcher of Human Rights Watch, said that no one is accountable for the abuses committed against women by the Taliban, and if they are stopped, the atrocities will increase.

It should be noted that since taking over Afghanistan in August 2021, the Taliban has banned women and girls from going to secondary schools, parks, gymnasiums, universities and jobs.

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