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Denmark| The identity of Denmark is mermaid

A land of happy people
10th part

The identity of Denmark is mermaid

Tariq Mirza, Sydney

In the soft, sunny afternoon sun, we arrived at a beautiful seaside park in Copenhagen to see the popularity of Danish tourists. Undoubtedly, hundreds of tourists were enjoying the beautiful scenery of spring at that time.
Along with the natural scenery of trees, flowers, plants and vegetation, the biggest attraction here is the beautiful metal sculpture called The Little Mermaid which is perched on a rock by the sea like a beautiful water fairy coming out of the water and sunbathing. Sit here to bake. As the name implies, the statue is of an imaginary sea creature with a female torso at the top and a golden fish at the bottom.

This beautiful copper sculpture was created by the famous Danish artist Edward Erickson with the idea of ​​what a fish would look like if it were molded into a human form. This is a Danish storyteller
Made with the conceptual character of the story in mind.
A sea creature with a female upper body and a fish lower body. There is a role for fiction in many languages.
However, Danish artists were at the forefront of creating this spectacle by embodying this concept. The earliest model of the sculpture, created in 1952, was the great artist of the time, Ellen Pricer.

However, she refused to model without clothes. The sculptor made his wife a model under his face and molded her naked body into a metal shape. The third part of the statue, the tail of the golden fish.
By the way, no one noticed the lower part. People’s attention was on the upper part. Now this metal statue has become as recognizable in Copenhagen as the Statue of Liberty in New York and the Eiffel Tower in Paris.
This is what Ramzan Rafiq said so I could not stop myself.

By the way, did Edward Erickson not show much courage by making his own wife’s naked body a spectacle?
Muhammad Yasmeen took a bite. He has shown his body model to the world by considering his wife as a farmer at home. By the way, if anyone dares to do such a thing in our country, it is considered worthy of beheading. He has really shown great courage.
Muhammad Yassin and I, who were calling it courage and bravery, actually meant something else, but we did not utter the word so as not to offend my Danish friends. In any case, the standard of shame and honor that the people of the East have, the people of the West are exempt from it.

Both have different values. What is reprehensible in the East is commendable in the West. That is why they say East is East and West is West. The values ​​of both cannot be measured on a single scale.
We spent a lot of time in the park sitting by the beach in the flowers and grass and soft sun. It was even two o’clock, which was my check-in time at the hotel.
My hosts wanted to take me straight to the restaurant where my party was held at four o’clock. While I was still wearing the same outfit I was wearing when I left Sydney. After two days of continuous use, his condition had deteriorated. Shaving was increased and eyes were red due to sleep and fatigue.

In this case, it was not appropriate to go to the ceremony. So I insisted on going to the hotel. These friends dropped me off in front of the Grand Hotel near Copenhagen’s Central Station.
From the outside, this hotel looks great and splendid because of its name. The front door of the centuries-old rocky building, its carvings, and the flower pots in front of it were impressive. The lobby was also medium sized and well decorated.
The staff was also very friendly. The real problem was felt in his room on the fifth floor by elevator. The room was much smaller and more stereotyped than I expected.

A thin single bed, a small table, a narrow bathroom, a missing shelf and the area of ​​the room was so narrow like the heart of a miser that if you take two steps it would reach the edge.
However, there were kettles, irons, refrigerators and cupboards. According to management, it was part of their hotel’s well-appointed and well-appointed rooms. It was his idea while its doors and walls, the large obsolete window and the dim atmosphere reminded me of an ancient castle.

I was paying the rent for this room at the Grand Hotel. It was the best and most spacious hotel room in any city in Australia. In which all modern facilities are available. It felt like suffocation in this large hotel room in Denmark.
One of the reasons for this was that the electric heater hidden in the wall kept the room very warm. Terrified, I picked up a ship-sized window sill as if the whole wall had moved away from me. A cold wind blew. Panicked and pressed, the ancient monument closed the window and the heat began to burn.

I found a boxed heater on the wall of the room. When he tried to reduce the temperature by turning the thermostat, the heater turned off which could not be turned on again despite every effort.
I had limited time. So he hurried into the bathroom. The bathroom was closed like a derby. There was no light in either the room or the bathroom. I felt short of breath despite the exhaust fan. He took a shower and got ready and waited for the call of the hosts.

(to be continued…..)

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